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Posted by Coach Brown on September 21, 2018 at 12:45:25:

In Reply to: Re: LaSale posted by yea but on September 21, 2018 at 10:31:37:

: : : : : : When Coach Mike Lynch took the head coach position at LsSalle most people thought that LaSalle was going to rise quickly and now most wouldn't think of LaSalle if they had to think of the top 30 programs in SoCal.
: : : : : : Coach Lynch didn't forget basketball. But I wonder why hasn't LaSalle been great, or at least decent, in hoops? Is the administration working against Coach Lynch? Or is it that he took a job that expects very little, thus support very little, because he didn't want the pressures of winning & managing good players egos, parents & handlers?

: : : : : Lynch is at Inglewood now. Guess that answers some of your questions.

: : : : Is Lynch confirmed the HC at Inglewood. I thought it was a younger club guy with local ties?

: : : hes overrated as a coach, in fact i'd have to say he's average at best as a coach. he's been blessed with elite players on his championship runs with price. coupled with being in the weakest division at the time, ANYONE would of won at the helm.

: : he is a great mentor to many coaches in the profession. Championships on any level have to be earned, so discrediting him for the level is not right. And I cannot remember any year that non-elite players have won the championship on any level. He has had some great players but what great coach has won without great players?

: i'll agree in that he has been known to be a good mentor to some coaches and to his players as far as being a strong male role model. and yes championship teams have at least a couple of good players but having 5 pac 12 players including 1 nba player on 1 team that played in a mickey mouse division with absolutely no opposition or competition isn't getting ANY credit from me especially since he was outcoached by lesser talented teams/coaches those years. hes simply not an elite area coach, simple.

You say that as though he had those level of players from the start. He won a state championships with D2 level college players long before the program took off and attracted D1 level guys. Although, D5 wasn't the best division, his preseason schedules featured higher level teams and they always more than held their own.

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