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Posted by interested observer on September 26, 2023 at 10:29:53:

In Reply to: Re: Add AAA to division 5 posted by truth on September 16, 2023 at 12:49:37:

: : : : : CIF needs to add a third division to division 5. Large schools dominating the traditional small school with less than 150 kids. Simple fix. Add a 5AAA for larger schools at the D-5 level. Single A for small schools with less than 150 kids. Easy fix. Schools with over a thousand kids should not be able to compete with these schools. LOOK AT THE SCORES. CAN SMALL SCHOOL COACHES/ATHLETES/PARENTS RESPOND TO THIS. DO I have a valid argument? I did not add that there are twice the amount of schools in this category..

: : : The old system definitely benefited the large schools who had a bad season and got to drop and beat up on small schools.

: : : After this year it wont matter anymore because it will go to the same year rankings playoff divisions. So it will be like how football has it now where playoff divisions will be made at the end of the season and teams are theoretically ranked with teams that would be competitive games. In reality this will still benefit the large schools that have mediocre seasons and go down divisions. You will see teams that are always in D2/D3 get dropped down and make runs. Just like in football you see will see a lot of 3rd/4th place teams win CIF and the 1st place team in the league will lose in the 1st round because they are in a much higher division

: : You are talking about enrollment being a part of the equation. As of right now enrollment is not any part of a consideration for divisions. There are probably a lot of coaches that would agree with you that we shouldn't have matchups of schools of 3,000 playing schools of 150 but as of now that is a possibility. There have been schools of 3,000 playing in division 5. Unless CIF decides to get away from the current formula of competitive equity that won't change. Is is fair? probably not. But equity does not mean fair. It means reward bad programs.

: It's too easy to game the system.. Look at Lynwood. They sat out the 20-21 spring season saying it was too dangerous to play (basically), but the reality is they knew they would not be good.. that way they earned 0 power points for the year. The next year they took a 3-16 and by all accounts from other coaches in the league, they basically threw the season because they knew they were getting DUDES in 22-23, which they did.. So they had 2 years of basically 0 power points which allowed them to go to 5AA and win every round by 50 until the finals where Bosco Tech beat them.. by basically bringing in a whole crew of DUDES.. props to Bosco Tech for the win.. but neither team were anywhere near 5AA level of play.
Thanks for the post. Great job!

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