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Posted by Man in Mirror on May 25, 2018 at 15:51:04:

In Reply to: Struggles Of A HS Coach posted by HS COACH - SB on May 25, 2018 at 13:51:21:

: Heres where I see HS sports going...

: 1) Too Soft Or Too Hard:
: If we coach them too hard, they transfer or their parents complain. If we coach them too soft, it kills the rest of the kids on the team and our morals and values. Us coaches put too much time into these types of players that there isnt much winning in. Things have to be perfect for them and you cant coach them too hard they might turn on you and go the other way.

: 2) Winning:
: How important is winning in HS basketball? Sure winning is important to each coach and im sure each school. But ive seen coaches win and get fired, ive seen coaches win titles and get fired. Is it truly the winning we are searching for as a coach that is going to have us keep our jobs? I wish us coaches got rated based upon how our student-athletes turned out instead of wins and losses.

: 3) AAU Culture:
: As a high school coach, how much AAU is too much. Not only are these HS coaches not getting their players for the recruiting periods, now these AAU coaches are having money making showcase tournaments in the other months. So when do us high school coaches get their kids to coach? If we don't allow our kids to play AAU then no one will want to play for us, but if we allow them to attend everything, then we will never have them.

: 4) Social Media:
: Now with social media and the "Lavar Ball" era of people want to believe everything they read on social media, its hard to control how much your student athletes read and believe. I have had kids in my office pissed off because they dont have any "college looks" but their buddy has just posted "Blessed to receive my 14th offer to..." I understand fully and tell them to stop worrying about others but theres only so much you can say and try to convince them.

: 5) Helping One Another:
: Feel like high school basketball coaches are always trying to one up each other and talk trash and stab one another in the back. We need to be more of a brotherhood and stick together. Coaches need to start an alliance of some kind or a union and find ways to stop all of this bad culture that is going on in high school basketball. I know coaches that are calling other teams kids in the middle of the season and recruiting them. This needs to end as we all have the same struggles.

: This may be a rant or people may say that I am complaining. I am just stating the obvious. High School basketball is dying and we need to fix it. Any advice that isn't derogatory and helpful, please chime in. Im with you, not all coaches do a great job, not all coaches are the best coaches, this isn't the point im trying to make. The point is if a coach is good or not, the culture needs to change somehow.

: Thanks,
: SB

What I see with almost if not every HS coach is they have no relationships with their players. None, zip, nada! These young men are busting their ass in practices and games and you as a coach do not really get to know your players. Not only that you do not even talk with the parents. Oh ya, you probably play favorites which is well known in the basketball community. And you expect the players to be loyal? Gotta look deep into the mirror man.

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