Re: Moore Management Recruiting Service Players who have signed recently

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Posted by Mike your crazy on June 14, 2023 at 19:18:23:

In Reply to: Re: Moore Management Recruiting Service Players who have signed recently posted by Kyle on June 08, 2023 at 15:45:37:

: : : : : : : : : : If you need help with Recruiting, feel free to call us at 714-335-6043 or Email us at 1. Isiah Pope to Fresno State 2.Zach Clemence to U.C.S.B. 3. Carson Brown to Concordia University 4.Josh Birket to Vanguard University 5.Jayson Danso to Lyon College

: : : : : : : : : No help from you BS

: : : : : : : : Looks pretty impressive! Really like their website and the thousands they have helped sign!

: : : : : : : Saw had about 10 more sign, think have were High School and the other half they were helping in the Portal! Amazing how many they have signed over the years.

: : : : : : I have played for and know mike for 20 plus years, here's some of the pros and cons of OC Pride

: : : : : : Pros:
: : : : : : He knows the game, been around and knows a ton of coaches
: : : : : : His other coaches have a ton of experience, most of them have coached with john wooden and were around for the signing of the constitution
: : : : : : Cons:
: : : : : : *80/20 Ratio. 80% of what he says is probably just BS, 20% of it is true details
: : : : : : No social media presence or new age ideas, stuck in 2003. If that changed it would be much better program

: : : : : : In conclusion, hes a solid dude who can definitely get your son looks...but it comes at a price. Coin Flip Program

: : : : : Pretty accurate sir. My concernís are 1. Heís never coached anywhere or at any level where his performance as a coach would effect his employment 2. He cannot coach in ncaa sanctioned events due to his background check, you can verify ghat with the ncaa clearing house :3 and what you commented on , I feel about 90 % of what he says is BS . I do feel heís a funny guy

: : : : Coach Moore has Coached at Cypress High School, Concordia University and won the Pro Summer League. Has the best reputation in the game! Not sure who has been "Player of the Year", Coach Of the Year and "Father of the Year"! He is Coaching the Elite Team and has never had any issues! So do not start saying he has any challenges with the NCAA, he has been Coaching in Sanctioned and Viewing Events for along time. Come see them play now or in July.

: : : Have known Coach Moore for 40 Years! He has never taken any Drugs, never smoked a cigarette/Joint, no tattos No ear rings, and never had any issues with the law! So not sure Who is posting this, but could get sued for slander. Never seen anyone work harder then him in the business! Have you seen his Resume as a Coach or Player?

: : I know Mike and he is solid. I have never heard him over-hype a player. He promotes his services and is a marketing machine. Maybe this turns some off? To attack the man hiding behind a keyboard is being a coward. Mike does a good job and hope he continues to do his thing. Mike helps young men to try to achieve their goals. My the LORD reward us of our works and double the cups. Especially the evil that write so much crap about him and others!

: Played for Coach Moore from 6h grade through 12th and he helped me get a full ride to play in College and now I coach! Not sure if anyone is or ever was more of a"Mentor", off and on the court! Today I Coach and want to do what he has done in this business, helped thousands!

Mike stop posting about yourself, college coaches think youíre crazy. You can pretend youíre 100 different people, we know itís you.

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