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Posted by old coach on March 22, 2023 at 11:03:00:

In Reply to: CIF emancipation posted by Crazy man on February 28, 2023 at 08:47:04:

: Say CIF puts all the private schools in their own divisions and they then exercise the nuclear option by leaving and forming their own Association.

: We'll call it CPSA (California Private School Association) for now. Because why would you allow CIF to group you all together then be held by their rules, and reap the profits off your ticket sales. It makes perfect sense to create your own Association and live by your own rules. And collect your own revenue from ticket sales.

: So in the forming of the CPSA they create the following rules.

: 1. All schools may offer tuition assistance to athletes, essentially offering them scholarships to play sports. This would essentially decimate major CIF sports as probably 500+ kids (across all sports) would jump ship from their public schools to attend private schools for greatly reduced cost.

: 2. No sit out transfer rule for students who in a prior year competed in CIF and want to play in CPSA. This would further remove talent from the public schools. (Think moving from NCAA to NAIA) They could even make it that they could transfer from CIF to CPSA in the middle of their season and not have to sit out a minute.

: 3. Make sure officials for the CPSA are paid 50% more than what CIF officials are paid to do games, thus referee pools for CIF would be drastically reduced, and play your league games on the same nights. If you were an official and gonna take abuse, would you rather make 70 bucks a game or 105?

: 4. Allow HS coaches to contact middle school students to recruit them and create 6th, 7th, and 8th grade school sponsored club teams run by the HS coaches, using the HS's name. Also allow for guaranteed admission to the private school who sponsors the team with a minimum gpa.

: 5. Create an association wide athletic recruitment assistance group which helps place CPSA students in college sport programs.

: They could make it a statewide association as well, or even push nationally to create a real national championship in sports.

: If these things happened, sports at publics schools would be greatly jeopardized. CIF revenue would drop drastically, and sponsorship money would flow into the CPSA, especially now that we have NILs. It would aggregate the best athletes from the southern section and localize them into 50 or 60 schools. Maybe even a TV deal for the association on say ESPN2 or something like that where each school gets a cut of the revenue money like college conferences (which could be shared to the smaller participating private schools). This would help fund the scholarships schools offer.

: I think this would be awesome, create the most elite association in the country and leave the public schools for recreation level sports.

: My vote is for private schools to secede from CIF and emancipate athletes and families from the tyranny of oppression.
BLASPHEMY-But I love it. Great work here young man!!

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