Re: Top 5 players this year in Orange County

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Posted by Jerome on February 17, 2023 at 07:36:11:

In Reply to: Re: Top 5 players this year in Orange County posted by Freak Man on February 16, 2023 at 12:59:56:

: : : : : : : : : : : : 1.Brown-Tesoro-MVP, leading Orange county in Scoring and his Team to the CIF 3rd Round.Has D-1 and D2 offers.
: : : : : : : : : : : : 2.Brandon Benjamen-The best Underclassmen in Orange County!He was first team All Orange County last year and should be this year, leading Canyonto the 3rd Round.
: : : : : : : : : : : : 3. Carter-Sage Hill-The best Athlete who should become a great Scorer/Shooter and dominate High School next year!
: : : : : : : : : : : : 4.Daividson-A very good high School 4/5 who has helped lead Mater Dei who should win this Division! Heading to Montana
: : : : : : : : : : : : 5.Rockwell-A very good player at Santa Margarita, who finished the season with 32 and 12. Going to N.A.U.

: : : : : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : : : : : Carter Bryant is the number 1 player in California and a 5 star who has offers from all the Blue bloods but hes the 3rd best player in Orange County ? lol make it make sense please.

: : : : : : : : : : : I get you like the Brown kid, but if your life depended on it you would pick Carter without the slightest hesitation so please knock off the biased B.S. Mr. Moore lol, you are losing credibility by the day

: : : : : : : : : : The guy who posted the first post is kinda dumb . Youíre right about Bryant. Real deal

: : : : : : : : : Today is today and Brandon Benjamen and Carson Brown would beat Carter one on one and in horse! Fact! Fact! Carter will be a good College Player!

: : : : : : : : I think Sage Hill is 13 and 12 and has played bad Teams!In a very bad league, ,so think the best player would score 30 a game and make sure his Team does not lose!

: : : : : : : You are absolutely right, today is today. Can you please let me know the other twos national rankings. Oh because they aren't... this just got awkward. Carter has coaches from power 5 conferences contacting him every day. He could probably go to any school in the country that he chooses. It is absolutely mind boggling you compare two kids who might end up at a D2, respectfully, to a kid who is on the radar of NBA scouts.

: : : : : : : We can revisit this conversation in a few years when Carter is a first round draft pick and the other two are graduating from NAIA's.

: : : : : : Carter is over-hyped. You will see in a year or two in college when he transfers. Bill of goods keeps trying to be sold. You will find a buyer and they will have remorse. Awesome.

: : : : : Carter is a good player, could be a like a Schea Cotton, Taylor king, or could become a Kiwahi Leonard, Paul George guy! The key is has never had adversity and has only been coached by his Dad in High School! His uncle was really good, dad was average! So its always "Where you finish'! He is a nice kid, so hope he plays at a high level D-1! Most of the D-1 Kids we have seen would have had 40 last night and dominated a average El Modena team, they only won by two. The other two players have shown they have been undervalued and dominated the 4/5 Star guys like Kiwahi and Paul did! So lets keep it real. Orange County only has 5-10 D-1 players. Davidson has signed and is a good High School player, like his brother could be good or a Role player at a school who could get to march madness in 4 years.Brown is the best player we have seen this summer and year, leads Orange County in Scoring and has beat Corona Centennial, Rancho Verde, and Mater Dei. Brandon Benjamen has dominated for Canyon and only a leigit 10th grader. Think Rockwell is got a chance to be good at N.A.U a low end D-1 Program! The Days of Stanley Johnson, Miles Simon, Gabe York,Reggie Geary,Clay Thompson, Austin Daye, Brain Keefe are behind us!

: : : : 90 percent of the time it never works out when you Coach your son after Youth! Have had so many Coaches and friends try to do this. I think Carter could have been good at a "Elite School or Private School! Did see the tapes and Social Media and Carson Brown and Brandon Benjamen dominated!

: : : Soooo wait a minute , if any of those kids besides Carter has had the numbers he had all of you would be singing high praises correct ? So because itís him itís been crickets. So why is Carter Bryant overhyped to whom said it? Is it by your standards because Mark Few , Tommy LLoyd , Jon Scheyer , Kenny Payne , and many other high level coaches would like to have a word with you lol. The only kids that transfers are Ö well you know who.

: : : So because he doesnít have 40 against El Modena heís not dominant ? 19/15/8 isnít bad Ö oh by the way sage hill has turned their season around how about you give credit to their program and staff. Hereís whatís funny if Carter scores a lot itís oh do that against someone better and if he doesnít itís see he isnít good. Pick a side and stop moving the goal post when it doesnít fit your narrative . Remember heís a high school player not 12 year vet in the NBA.

: : : His father if Iím not mistaken was OC COY before he got to high school soooo why wouldnít he play for his DAD ? Buuuuuut if it was another oc coach that was coy it wouldnít ok right ? Again a narrative you guys on here want Carter a kid to fit.

: : : Oh hey the one on one argument remember all of you sit here on this platform and say one is one bad but now it matters ? Hmmmm Ö.. wait so now social videos matter when you wanna prove a point but it doesnít matter when it doesnít fit what you want.

: : : Carter has to be doing something right for some grown men to sit up and hide behind a keyboard and discredit this kid when you donít know him . No other kid was criticize but Carter Bryant . Thatís interesting. I respect all these young men and what theyíve put in. How about you all do the same.

: : : I challenge all of you that spoke bad about Carter to say it to his face , or his dads face or his uncles face. Exactly you wonít and you know why because youíre cowards and bitter.

: : : Mr moore with all do respect please stop. Because you get on here speak bad about people and then when you see them itís crickets. Also make sure you donít throw stones from a glass house sir. Your track record speaks for its self Ö anyway off to talk to college coaches

: : It never works out well when you play for Dad! Yes I know and should have never Coached my son. So we will see if he dominates in High School and College soon. Give the kid a chance to see if he can put up the numbers the other players do? Sometimes players become a good role player for some teams in College or the Pro level.

: Well see when he plays against top quality 6'8" + players. Whomever, and probably his dad that keeps hyping this guy, freak, I already hate Carter and I do not know him. Shut you freaking pie hole and keep your fingers away from this website. I wish the young man the best, the others writing about him, F U and get a life and stop trying to live his!

Carter Bryant is a good High School player, one of the best in bad Orange County Basketball area. Will he be good in College? Needs to become a better Shooter. Think he has to be a 3, since I do not see any good post moves to put at the 4. So many great Athletes in College and most will be Portal players who are better and older. If he really puts in the time he can be a good College player. Do not put the pressure of his ranking, does not mean anything. I like some of the points above and agree the best players I have seen dominate games against bad teams and get a 30 to 40 piece each night against average players.

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