Re: What if a local HS player kneeled during the anthem

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Posted by Caster Troy on May 25, 2018 at 12:16:39:

In Reply to: Re: What if a local HS player kneeled during the anthem posted by Park Coach on May 24, 2018 at 11:10:13:

: : : : : Would the player, coach or team get a lot of backlash?

: : : : :Respect your country period ! I want to watch a football game not see some political protest .
: : : : Protest on your own time !

: : : Does a person kneeling to bring awareness to a problem in this country we all love bother you that much? They are trying to make change and improve this amazing place. What would protesting on "their own time" do? There is a problem and it needs to be addressed and improved upon. The kneeling has brought awareness to that problem like no other non-violent protest has in my lifetime. You kneel as often as you'd like and keep this problem in the spotlight until change is made.

: : That is very arrogant to say. Why do you even watch sports with that behavior? You know the deal with the BS that is going on in America (or do you). It affects everyone. Again it is not about the flag. Don't be a fool! Mass shooters being arrested but a person is parked in front of a store late night gets tased. Killing of unarmed people, the police even took a kid to burger king after a mass shooting(WTF)! I bet you are teaching your kids that some group of people are inferior. When police brutality happens, it is disturbing and put everyone at risk. Like your football. If these things were not going on, you would not see kneeling. So it affects you! Why don't you stand against inequality instead of contribute to this type of behavior! As a well traveled man, we are lucky to live in country like this. We have the ability to be independent. Would you rather live in a country where you get killed for having an independent view? I'm sure you have came across people from different cultures. Do you throw in their face about what people should do? No you don't. You voice your opinion on this platform to show your arrogance because it doesn't happen to you. Because no one like you break laws. GTFOH!
: I coach at a park - many years. Occasionally, I assist the park with opening day team intros and the playing of the National Anthem. Last year, as i played The National Anthem, a mom and her 2 kids refused to stand. I wondered to myself what if everyone refused to stand?

Iím for freedom of speech and expression so kneel, sit, or stand for the anthem. Itís a freedom you have because youíre in this country. But, I guess my issue would be, what if you expressing yourself turns off college coaches and limits your opportunities for higher education? Would it be worth it then?

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