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Posted by Vet Park League Coach on May 24, 2018 at 14:19:04:

In Reply to: Re: AAU vs ARC vs Park League posted by It all depends... on May 21, 2018 at 14:38:27:

: : : ger city park programs have skilled and patient, coaches, especially for the younger kids. At the younger ages, kids have developmental limits to how much they can absorb and execute, even if they are coached by John Wooden. For that reason, travel basketball for most kids under 12 is a waste of money, unless there is no other viable option. For as long as possible, kids should be encouraged to play multiple sports which better supported by the park league schedule. The difference between a park team and a travel team is the park team will have only 2 or 3 travel team quality players at most. The advanced players have a great opportunity to provide leadership for their park team, something they may not be equipped to do for their travel team. The park leagues are the backbone of grassroots basketball, as the talent developed there gets "poached" into the travel/AAU system. Be very value conscious when selecting or remaining with a travel coach. Are they just good recruiters/drill runners or do they help the kids learn to think for themselves using game scenarios in practice.

: : : : : I am a vet park league coach - and I really love it. ive coached at different levels - HS - Travel - ARC -private school - etc. For me - park league has been fun - kids have fun and learn a little basketball. I think - the whole thing really depends on the coach - if your son has a good coach - it doesnt matter where they play. Have fun - teach kids the game - but let them play a variety of sports as they are growing up - dont do year round hoops - or year round anything - they get burned out.

: : : : Classic. Vet PARK Coach........I knew it! What a joke.

: : : In some circles, high school, aau, and park/rec are indistinguishable. The original poster sounds familiar with these areas.

: : : P.S. Please - enough - hyphens. Social media is rife with people who abuse punctuation in an effort to make a point, i.e. one word sentences, essays/articles using fragmented sentences as clumsily-worded clickbait titles, and hyphen abuse. Shoehorning a hyphen or twelve into a paragraph doesn't tell me you have a PHD. It doesn't give a sentence more depth or gravitas. If read aloud, the original post sounds like William Shatner overacting while giving a monologue to an invisible villain.

: : Hey Vet Proofreader, thanks for the English grammar lessons. Your opinions are taken under advisement. LOL -----------------------

: : It all depends on the coach. I have seen some park and rec coaches that are incredible teachers of the game and have very good coaching skills and I have seen some of the highest level AAU teams' coaches just rolling the ball out. I would say that most park and rec coaches are Dads who know what they know from watching the Lakers or park directors whose teams win every year because they get to pick the best kids. But, the AAU and ARC coaches can be just as bad. They just go out and get the best available players and roll the ball out. Then, there are some of these coaches that actually know what they are doing. Like I said, it all depends on the coach.

Im a veteran park league coach. Ive coached park league for almost 30 years and i truly love it. I consider myself a better than average coach as i continue to learn - read - watch - and grow. Ive seen super coaches at the parks and ive seen horrible coaches. And Ive also coached ARC and travel ball and have seen all types of coaches. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It is very true, the whole experience for kids is primarily dependent on the coach. Find a winner who loves kids and who loves teaching.

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