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Posted by OMG SCIENTZZZ!!1! on February 03, 2021 at 10:48:47:

In Reply to: Re: Let The Kids Play.. posted by BBaller on February 02, 2021 at 21:40:44:

: : : : Sweden,
: : : : Has proved the kids can play.

: : : :

: : :
: : : If the governor approves of a HS sports season, the governor has to open nearly everything else too. Then the virus spreads.

: : : Los Angeles has a lot of people living in close quarters, don't make life more dangerous for the essential workers who may not have the means to sit home all day ordering GrubHub.

: : : Organize and play the season with your own money if you don't want to wait until May.

: : : LA County and Sweden have the same population. Sweden is 140 times the size of LA County.

: :
: : Just look at the top comments on the youtube video you posted. That tells you who is leading these sheep. Foreign interests, attempting to indoctrinate you into thinking your rights are being taken away as an American, but it's only about sowing discord and planting seeds.

: Check the science. Turn off the television and do some homework!

What are your sources? If you have research, cite it!

You posted a YouTube video frequented by bots and foreign actors (some of the comments are in Cyrillic and Bangla - for an English speaking video on American HS sports).

Then you complain that I'm not "doing homework"? Your case is, because kids and young people aren't as vulnerable, allow all gatherings related to sports, and make an exception for just them. In reality, to allow one type of gathering is a very slippery slope.

Sports may have resumed in nearly every state aside from the West Coast, though no one mentions some states are playing basketball in masks. And not talking chin diapers either, these masks are N95 and cover the nose and mouth. I'd rather wait until April or May.

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