If hospitals are full, our fragile society falls

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Posted by worldwide on November 01, 2020 at 08:03:04:

In Reply to: Re: Some Numbers for you posted by Answer the question on October 31, 2020 at 20:21:44:

: : : : We have no hope in California as our political structure is built on the people needing government. This political structure is dominant as the sheep in our state are on auto-pilot, they can't think for themselves. This situation is a tell all, because the lock down affects everyone and everyone is sitting back and taking it. If you are scared of the virus and don't have some pre-existing condition that puts you at higher risk, then you are sadly misinformed about it's potential impact on your health. Our kids are pawns in a power game. D's and R's need to put down their bullshit political banners, unite, and oust these political misfits. Most Californians want the same things. Don't let the political party you think cares about you corrupt your common sense, your decency, and your responsibility to be a good neighbor.

: : : :These stats come from an 8 month sample size. What more do you want? Again, it is a fact that there is a 99% chance of survival from coronavirus for people 65 years or younger. And it is a fact that you have less than a 2% chance of even catching coronavirus in CA if you are 65 years or younger. These numbers do NOT support kids not being able to go to school or being able to participate in organized athletics. The "coronavirus" affect on our kids for decades to come will be a far bigger problem than what is being experienced now. Kids are now programmed with fear and just revert back to a "safe place" of more screen time.

: : *8 month sample size with only one month in flu season (the initial month).

: : Saying people over 65 have just a 2% chance of catching it is true ONLY if those people continue the behavior they adhered to in March (CA shut down before another NYC could happen). The behavior exhibited over the summer would cause a massive outbreak in the winter, it's already happening in LA County after those ridiculous Armenian marches.
: : --------------------------------------------
: : "If you are scared of the virus and don't have some pre-existing condition that puts you at higher risk, then you are sadly misinformed about it's potential impact on your health."

: : No one healthy should be afraid of it, but rather should be scared of spreading it to others. It would be like some people in London during the blitz not obeying the blackout, because they put all their stuff in the cellar and their houses were tear-downs anyway. But, they leave their fireplace burning because they don't want their house to get cold, or their cat to be left in the dark. Even though they don't care about their own house being bombed, the Luftwaffe will be able to bomb the surrounding area with more precision. If enough houses have fireplaces running, the pilots may be able to triangulate some more important targets.

: : Lastly, both conservative and liberal-run countries have enacted lockdowns, this is not limited to the USA, it's not some political creation.

: :Again, the fear mongering continues about the the flu season, etc.
: When is the question about the long term effects on our kids going to be answered? This is brought up time after time and it is completely ignored. I am much more worried about how these kids respond psychologically in the years to come than a virus which has a 98% survival rate(for people of ALL ages). We are screwing our kids.

Bringing up the flu season isn't fear mongering. The Spanish Flu was far less deadly in the summer than winter. Even with the lack of sanitation and the state of medicine at the time, Americans from a century ago were able to enjoy summer without overflowing hospitals and thousands of deaths per day from their pandemic. Notice how Brazil fared during their winter this June through September (not well). Until late April (October for them), they were doing fine. Then they went from hundreds of deaths per day to thousands, even with most of the country in some form of lockdown.

Back to 2020, kids would be shut inside even more when teachers refuse to go to work after hospitals are full. If both right and left-wing governments worldwide are coming to the same conclusion that reducing human contact is the only way to slow the spread, where is the conspiracy? Don't be so Ameri-centric!

Let's imagine a world where we stay open, and are the only major country to do so. All Americans would be banned from international travel, at least without a two week quarantine with daily testing. We would also lose all international tourism. "Oh but Americans would go to other places in the USA so we keep our money here!", that's another problem. Many tourist destinations are around large cities and that would add to the crowding.

In the face of such wanton rejection of science, and hazardous working conditions, many doctors would break their oaths and quit. You'd be surprised how many doctors in rural areas are first generation immigrants, and they would probably rather do Uber and Lyft in Canada than participate in the petri dish that would be America.

The panic and rioting that would ensue when low income (read: African American) patients are turned away disproportionately from hospitals (due to being less insured) would easily surpass the race riots of 1968. These communities would be the hardest hit and most ignored.

There's far more at stake this winter than four months of sports.

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