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Posted by CTE? on October 31, 2020 at 12:56:21:

In Reply to: Re: Some Numbers for you posted by The Answer on October 31, 2020 at 07:14:51:


: You are stupid. It is ALL about is if you become super ill. TRUTH...FACT Less than 1% Deaths under age of 70 FACT You stupid fear monger idiot. It is about the deaths. More people die from All other viruses / disease.

"It is all about is if you become super ill"

JFC, man

You need to be tested for CTE, sounds like you took way to many concussions in your playing days. In ten years you might show up to your old HS in your faded, ill-fitting uniform, asking when the Homecoming Dance is.


In case anyone was infected by that raging idiocy, the critical issue here is overflowing hospitals, especially in urban areas. If only 1% of the country were seriously ill and battling COVID in a hospital, that's every hospital bed in the United States occupied by a seriously ill COVID patient. Forget all other things people might be hospitalized for, most would be better off at home. Once the negative air pressure rooms are filled, the hospitals will not be safe for anyone not wearing a space suit.

Just a simple example of the collateral effects not related directly to COVID...Many IV drips are not suitable to be administered in board and care homes(or nursing homes), those people will have to take their intravenous fluids in non-sterile environments. Normally those people remain in the hospital during the duration of their treatment, even though they otherwise wouldn't need a hospital bed.

Of course, this doomsday scenario won't happen, as virtually all major cities are run by people who will shut down unnecessary activities before this gets out of hand. Doesn't matter who is president.

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