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Posted by Not a good predictor?? on October 31, 2020 at 10:55:43:

In Reply to: Re: Some Numbers for you posted by OC Hoops on October 31, 2020 at 08:06:02:

: : : : California coronavirus numbers
: : : : Total Cases 928,000
: : : : Total deaths from coronavirus 17,581
: : : : California population 39,510,000
: : : : California mortality rate 1.89%
: : : : California survival rate if catching coronavirus(any age) 98.11%
: : : : Chance of catching coronavirus in California 2.34%
: : : : Number of kids 17 years or younger in California - 9 million +
: : : : Number of deaths kids 17 years or younger in CA - 2

: : : : Can our kids start going to school and playing basketball yet?
: : : : The emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual effect of coronavirus for this generation of kids will far outweigh any immediate medical concerns.

: : :
: : : The vaccine probably works now but isn't FDA approved. If there is a chance the vaccine has side effects, no free world pharmaceutical company would risk their billions in profit by rushing the vaccine before ruling out serious side effects.

: : : Russia has a vaccine they say works, but do not have the means to produce enough in a year to inoculate more than 70% of their citizens. Teachers in Russia don't want to take it, even though Putin's daughter tested it on herself and says it works.

: : : Those stats you posted are not good predictors of what will happen this winter. It would be great if all teachers and school employees were the same age as the students, and if those students all lived alone and not with adults. But they don't, and regular school days have a lot of people involved that would be exposed.

: : : Last March, we didn't have coronavirus spreading in large quantities until flu season was mostly over in CA. This year we have the entire flu season, when immune systems are weaker, and the spike is already upon us. The R=0 stayed around 1 all summer in LA County, so we failed miserably as a city and state. Protests and other irresponsible gatherings have put even a March-June basketball season in doubt.

: : : Our only hope is that the virus has mutated to be more infectious and transmissable, but less deadly. Successful virii evolve to not kill their hosts, as this doesn't help them spread. Of course that evolution might take some time...

: : You are stupid. It is ALL about is if you become super ill. TRUTH...FACT Less than 1% Deaths under age of 70 FACT You stupid fear monger idiot. It is about the deaths. More people die from All other viruses / disease.

: We have no hope in California as our political structure is built on the people needing government. This political structure is dominant as the sheep in our state are on auto-pilot, they can't think for themselves. This situation is a tell all, because the lock down affects everyone and everyone is sitting back and taking it. If you are scared of the virus and don't have some pre-existing condition that puts you at higher risk, then you are sadly misinformed about it's potential impact on your health. Our kids are pawns in a power game. D's and R's need to put down their bullshit political banners, unite, and oust these political misfits. Most Californians want the same things. Don't let the political party you think cares about you corrupt your common sense, your decency, and your responsibility to be a good neighbor.

:These stats come from an 8 month sample size. What more do you want? Again, it is a fact that there is a 99% chance of survival from coronavirus for people 65 years or younger. And it is a fact that you have less than a 2% chance of even catching coronavirus in CA if you are 65 years or younger. These numbers do NOT support kids not being able to go to school or being able to participate in organized athletics. The "coronavirus" affect on our kids for decades to come will be a far bigger problem than what is being experienced now. Kids are now programmed with fear and just revert back to a "safe place" of more screen time.

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