Re: Best Way to Defend Against Corner Jump Shot?

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Posted by Caster Troy on August 11, 2018 at 10:31:43:

In Reply to: Re: Best Way to Defend Against Corner Jump Shot? posted by Volunteer Coach on August 11, 2018 at 09:53:48:

: : : Good day guys

: : : I coach a park league team of middle schoolers - we always give up many corner shots - we use 2-3 zone - sometimes man to man to try and prevent those corner jumpers - many are 3 pointers - they are killing us with those shots.

: : : Any suggestions on how to defend against the corner jumpers? (Best overall way i mean)

: : : Many thanks

: : If you're playing zone my guess is that your bottom defender is trying to guard both the wing and the corner. You'll need to rotate your middle defender out to the corner and drop your bottom wing defender back to replace the middle. Your middle defender needs to be ready to go.

: : If you're giving up corner 3's in m2m defense, then you're likely having your corner defender committing to a drive from the wing/lane line. First, play better ball defense to eliminate straight line drives which cause the need to help. If that can't be fixed, then you have to teach your defenders to read when a defender is beat or not, deciding of course whether you prefer to give up an unimpeded drive to the hoop or a shot from the corner. If the ball defender isn't beat, the corner defender needs to stay home, or at least just stunt to the ball handler while moving to close out to the corner.

: : Giving up shots is not an issue, only if they are open.

: Thanks you sound like a real coach - lol - appreciate your tips - heres my dillema - - my BIG man of course - in the zone - stays in the middle - he dominates and rebounds better than anyone - so to have him leave the post area to cover a corner - does NOT seem like a good idea? Know what I mean? (If thats what you mean when you said have middle man cover corner etc etc)

If your big man dominates the middle, then your other 4 guys need to work harder it seems. Bottom defender has to get out to that corner jumper and get a hand up. The 2 guys on each side of the zone need to communicate more and you have to stress getting a hand up on that corner 3. Emphasize what you want done. If the big man is that good, the other 4 should be able to cover rest of the court if they work hard.

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