Re: Hypocrisy in Covid

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Posted by OC Hoops on July 17, 2020 at 09:08:24:

In Reply to: Re: Hypocrisy in Covid posted by centrist on July 17, 2020 at 01:07:34:

: : : I really find it funny that all the left wing coaches and sports writers are Condemning people who arenít social distancing and wearing mask...

: : So you're saying that only right-wing people are too stupid to follow the guidelines?

: Well to be fair he was calling out the hypocrisy of holding people to one standard, while kissing up to the young people a coach should be trying to lead. It is unfortunate this became so politicized, but it is mostly Libertarians and Right Wingers who defy the science in the name of personal freedom. 9/11 truthers are mostly left wing, but the vocal protestors of lockdowns and forced mask-wearing are disproportionately from Red States and rural areas.

: I would say stupid people from both sides of the aisle are not wearing masks or social distancing due to ignorance. But the only educated voices calling this a hoax are from the Right. It could be lack of empathy, concern for the economy over life, or belief that only the strong should survive. And some is sensitivity to anyone suggesting their "son of heaven" Donald Trump could do anything wrong

Message board generalizations are sooooo beneficial. It would be nice for more people to look for the common ground amongst all people, stop being so simple minded t& placing people into groups based on race, religion. Economics, or politics and look for shared values. We have way more in common & when you realize that it can become easier to listen. Trump is President for at least a few more months. The reason he is there is both parties have failed the American people. Based on the likely nominees this time around. We the people havenít learned anything.

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