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Posted by One America News? on July 16, 2020 at 11:30:06:

In Reply to: Re: Centennial runs posted by But... on July 16, 2020 at 08:55:36:

: They are seeing long-lasting irreparable damage (e.g., lung, heart) to those who survived. People may not die from covid, but they will have a lifetime of health issues

: : : : : : These guys promoting their runs at centennial. Irresponsible

: : : : : Anyone who coordinates any youth basketball games or tryouts now is irresponsible and worse - despicable. No one knows what exactly this coronavirus does to kids. Shame on anyone or any group conducting any team basketball at this time. Shame on you.

: : :

: : : : :Let the boys play . Nothing is known yet. Half the information Dr Fauci has given us is wrong !

: : : :Fact - you have more of a chance of dying in a car crash during your lifetime than you do from covid
: : : Fact - not 1 death from covid in CA for someone younger than 18 years old
: : : Fact - the mortality rate from covid in the US and CA has dropped every day since May 7th
: : : Fact - 99.6% of the population in the US will survive covid (based on the current mortality rate)

1. Wow, a lifetime of getting around in a car is more dangerous than two winters of Covid. I'm supposed to feel safer now?

2. The death rate in a Chinese study was .1% for those under 18. Based on those figures, with 50M school age children, should 70% get the virus, 35,000 would die. As for relative health of young people in both nations, we have many with asthma too.

3. Many thought the virus would kill a lower percentage during the summer. Testing went up in May, finding more people with the virus, this is one thing Trump said that actually made sense. Back in March, even essential workers couldn't get tests unless they had at least three symptoms, and had come in contact with a known case. There were more cases than we knew of.

But Trump did ignore that cases kept on rising as our new testing continued at the same level.

4. 1.4 million deaths due to Covid would most certainly crush hospitals come winter. There would be millions of people on ventilators filling hospitals and even gymnasiums nationwide. It would be nearly impossible for any patient having surgery this winter to check out of a hospital without contracting the virus.

There are fewer than one million staffed hospital beds in the USA. If 20 million Americans have this virus at any one time this winter, and 5% of the cases are serious, those beds will be occupied and other illnesses will be ignored.

What has Fauci said that was wrong, other than the logical deception of discouraging mask buying when masks were scarce?

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