Re: Newsom shuts us down again (You are all sheep)

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Posted by Billy Wayne Ruddick III, PhD on July 15, 2020 at 19:52:26:

In Reply to: Re: Newsom shuts us down again posted by Parent/doctor on July 15, 2020 at 18:21:04:

: : : : : Well folks sad to say Covid is rampant and schools will not reopen
: : : : : In Calif in the fall. I was so hoping this would not happen.Governor just announced today.i guess Calif gov. Can over rule President Trump.
: : : : : What are your thoughts folks?
: : : : : Keep the faith..wear a mask.., use sanitizer ... social distance.
: : : : : Some still think this is a hoax. Unbelievable.

: : : : Seeing the pictures of people elbow to elbow in bars, restaurants, and other places, I thought this was inevitable. We are a stupid and undisciplined people.

: : : : At this point, our only real hope are the hard-working doctors and scientists out there developing treatments, and hopefully a vaccine.

: : : : And Trump has no say-so on the issue of closing down or opening up. It's up to the governors. Not to mention that at this point it's clear that Trump can't be trusted to make an informed decision. Two days ago he finally wears a mask--yay, he's looking responsible. Then today he retweets that doctors, scientists, and the CDC are all dishonest and lying to us.

: : : : Dr Fauci has been wrong 50% of the time. Flu kills more people. Trump wants all schools open Keep listening to all your liberal majors genius !

: :
: : 1st id love to know where you got the fact that flu kills more people than Covid? Because the most highest number Ive seen was about 80k people died of the fu last year. So far in about 7 months we are at about 138k deaths. But lets assume that to be true. Your argument is to Open up everything and combine the 80 K deaths with the deaths Covid is claiming? WHat kind of logic is that? Doesnt it jsut make more sense to keep as much distancing as we can. Open up what we cant function without. GIve us enough testing where Every one living in this country can have one? What seems like a better option. Sorry but this BS cost my team its Banquet and graduation last year. Cost us spring, summer, fall and most likely the actual season. So yeah Im bothered but people that cant just listen to science.

: Well put sir


The Institute of Scientific Truth Affirming Natural Knowledge has released the following statement on the Wuhan Flu:

"Dr. Anthony Fauci (henceforth referred to as
'Faux Fauci') has been linked to a secret
underground movement to depopulate the Earth
with former President Obama (henceforth
'socialist muslim antichrist'), The Gates
Foundation, and other members of the Illuminati. This communique was intercepted through close observation of chemtrails through high speed film."

The dauntless scientific bloggers at ISTANK have diligently uncovered secret 2015 meetings between Chairman Xi and Socialist Muslim Antichrist, who, along with the ghost of Karl Marx via sťance, commissioned Fauci to develop a deadly virus that would depopulate the Earth. However, Fauci conspired with Bill Gates' reptilian counterpart (not the former Microsoft CEO he switched planets with) to develop a weaker virus first so "Reptile Bill" could become the galaxy's first reptillionaire.

The stunning election of Earth hero Donald Trump (a Newt Reptilian sent to oppose the Iguanid Imperium based in Silicon Valley) put those plans for galactic domination on hold, but the 2020 election opened a window for China. Fauci's secret North Carolina lab had all the ingredients for the plandemic, and the Chinese were ready to use it.

This is all easily verifiable on the deep web and several Facebook accounts, when lizard moderators aren't busy deleting them. Google is not your friend, just an online LIE-brary. Reading chemtrails coded in Iguanid symbols will teach you more! But you have to be quick, after a few seconds the letters become illegible and shapeless, and resemble Salamanderian.

Learn More!

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