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Posted by getting testy on July 15, 2020 at 03:56:37:

In Reply to: Re: Centennial runs posted by VOR on July 14, 2020 at 14:00:22:

: : : : : : These guys promoting their runs at centennial. Irresponsible

: : : : : Anyone who coordinates any youth basketball games or tryouts now is irresponsible and worse - despicable. No one knows what exactly this coronavirus does to kids. Shame on anyone or any group conducting any team basketball at this time. Shame on you.
: : That means you're OK with 1.3 million deaths, not to speak of the people who survive with life-long disabilities.

: : : : :Let the boys play . Nothing is known yet. Half the information Dr Fauci has given us is wrong !

: : : :Fact - you have more of a chance of dying in a car crash during your lifetime than you do from covid
: : : Fact - not 1 death from covid in CA for someone younger than 18 years old
: : : Fact - the mortality rate from covid in the US and CA has dropped every day since May 7th
: : : Fact - 99.6% of the population in the US will survive covid (based on the current mortality rate)

: : That means you're OK with 1.3 million deaths and many more with permanent disabilities? Well, maybe if you think about the damage to your economy with that destruction...

: :Not OK with economic suicide, mental health issues, substance abuse issues, kids not getting properly educated, cancer patients (which affects far more people) not getting treatment, on and on. There are so many consequences to how this situation is being handled that are not being addressed - it shows the inconsistency & hypocrisy of our government agencies.

Letting the virus run its course without shutdowns would actually cause cancer and heart disease patients to miss out on treatments, due to the strain on healthcare. Not to mention people still would not want to congregate on an airplane, in an office, or indoor social setting. If we don't shut down the virus will shut us down.

1.3 million deaths equals 5 million serious cases who survive. There are under a million staffed hospital beds in the USA, and serious cases can take several months to clear up. We have a better idea on what to do this time, we should allow check-ups and outpatient treatments which were delayed during the Spring. People under 18 can be carriers, so school may need to be online until the vaccine is released.

Even if one calendar year of COVID currently is less dangerous than a lifetime of road travel, I don't know anyone who would like to combine decades of risk into one winter and just go about their business the entire flu season.

While no children have died and very few may compared to adults, their role as spreaders is unknown.

The death rate was expected to drop this summer with greater testing being available to reveal more cases, and of course the human immune system works better in the Summer months. There were actually essential workers told to go to work with symptoms in March, who didn't qualify for a test. Only people who had major symptoms or came in contact with those who did got a test.

Even if the death rate went as low as 0.4%, that doesn't measure what an entire flu season with COVID could do to a nation with no available doctors or hospital beds.

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