Re: Waivers, What 2 Year Colleges Are Doing and Why

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Posted by Walt Flanagan's Dog on July 08, 2020 at 11:53:11:

In Reply to: Re: Waivers, What 2 Year Colleges Are Doing and Why posted by old coach on July 08, 2020 at 02:46:14:

: The 2 year colleges are talking about a shortened season and doing it in the spring, maybe high schools will follow that, not sure how that would play out for high school. The trouble with a waiver is that it may not be legally binding and schools are afraid of liability. US has tested almost 40 million and testing about a million every two days , some have suggested using testing now that there is a test that can give you results in 45 minutes but the problem with that is if you have just been exposed,say the day before you can still get a false negative

: The virus is pretty harmless for young people, e.g. NO ONE under the age of 10, and i think 1 under 14 has died of it worldwide (thousands in the age bracket die of regular flu) and very few in older teens but it is the spread to older folks. think refs. I've been in touch witht the data set owner of CDC and asked why normal flu and pneumonia deaths have fallen to almsot zero and he said it is because they code everything that is flu like. But it is still serious Regardless the constant news coverage has made it front and center even though deaths from cardio are still 6x higher and rising faster than normal because people are afraid to go to doc or hospital.
: But we will see what happens with these rising cases, tens of thousands have marched in protest and the new hot spots cities correspond with as L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer, a Democrat, recently said it is “highly likely” that the recent overall increase in positive cases is related in part to the mass protests. Regardless it is more cases and doesn't bode well for any fall or winter sports . On the positive: Moderna is very close to a vaccine and starting their phase 3 (last phase) of trials this month, /July and should be done by September and reports are that it is working. Novavax is also close.
: Unfortunately the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the FDA require a lot of protocol/ study before releasing. So maybe start of 2021 that is why 2 year colleges are betting spring will be ok

I agree about the waivers. Those often tend to not hold up well in courts, and districts won't want to expose themselves.

The outdoor demonstrations apparently are not causing the spikes--yahoos in bars and restaurants mostly.

You are write in that few under 14 have died--only 14 have died in the US. From ages 15-24 there have been 89 deaths.

The problem is that the younger could still pass the virus on to members of their families, coaches, referees, etc, who are definitely not in the under 4 group. How much they can spread it is still not known.

One of the worst things about this virus is how much we didn't know and don't know. We now know it can attack not just the respiratory system, but the vascular system, the nervous system, and even the brain. And unlike the official number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths, it's still nearly impossible to get numbers tagged to the issues of side effects.

I'm hopeful of better treatments by the end of the year, and maybe even vaccines. But I can't see any Fall sports, and probably not Winter sports. I think the community colleges made the right call in moving almost everything to the Spring--every passing month brings a higher possibility of a solution.

Walt's Dog

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