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Posted by Guy on June 05, 2020 at 22:18:41:

In Reply to: Re: Gyms posted by Open on June 05, 2020 at 16:54:27:

: : : : : : : Are gyms allowed to re-open already? I heard the Draft Complex in Corona already opened. Saw some guys posting their practice.

: : : : : : Not according to Newsome-some rebels are-but they are supposed to be the last, Stage 4, to open-don't know how they many will be in business by then

: : : : : Stay the path. Itís a difficult time but trust the ones that know what their doing, not a trainer or coach that says the right things but is all about the money. Their are moore of them than you think. Be patient basketball will comeback but with rules to protect your sons

: : : : How about doing some research.Realize kids teens aren't at risk.

: : :
: : : Read the Washington Post April 13th. Young people are at risk . You must be a trainer or desperate coach or just dumb

: : The following is from Ventura County Star newspaper. Keep in mind Ventura has less population than LA and other counties. Take note 53 from 0 to 17
: :
: : Fifty-three of those cases are people ages 0 to 17, while 106 are people ages 18 to 24, 350 are people ages 25 to 44, 379 are people ages 45 to 64 and 173 are people 65 and older.

: Our gym is open and fully operational. Covid is bad but not what the hype is. Only the blind like to stay that way spiritually speaking. Than again, this is liberal California that only one party has ran over 3 decades plus and yuo still can't see who the problem is. You listen to the liars over truth. Have a good and and how are you doing friend??? Keep on voting for them and this is what you get, look in the mirror, you chose them and they rip you off.

You must be talking about our President. Yes heís a natural born lair and full of it but listen to the medical people who know a lot more than you, me or the jerk in the White House. Stay the course people, donít give in to the re-election BS

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