Re: Gov Newsome's office: Athletic Scholarships being cut, No BB in Fall?

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Posted by Trump happens on May 26, 2020 at 12:21:59:

In Reply to: Re: Gov Newsome's office: Athletic Scholarships being cut, No BB in Fall? posted by Wow on May 25, 2020 at 06:00:33:

: : : I just talked with a former player of mine who now works in Gov Newsome's office he said Newsome is going to ask for 10% pay cut for state workers due to less sales tax revenue due to Covid-19 shutdown and along with that they expect many colleges to reduce or drop athletic scholarships. Cal States are already closed , online onlyfor fall so no surprise there but UCs haven't declared.
: : : He said he doesn't expect college or high school BB to go on in the fall or spring due to the contact, fans or no fans due to liability. He acknowledged that Covid-19 has little to no impact on teenagers (I challenged him by bringing up that no one under the age of 14 worldwide has died of Covid-19) but he pointed out the concern they could spread it to seniors. As if that wasn't bad enough he said some colleges, due to reduced revenue may be forced to drop programs all together.

: : : I don't believe any of this has been confirmed so just put it down under rumors. I do know only a maybe a hundred of D1 schools are actually profitable when it comes to most sports, that's why CSULB dropped football long ago, so there maybe something there. Time will tell.

: : Newsome and other Dems are trying to sabotage the economy and are using the virus as the vehicle. If the private sector and Republican National Leadership can't be trusted to manage the economy as well as public health during a pandemic then big government Dem/Socialism must be the answer. I have know issue with anyone with well founded conservative or liberal beliefs. Most common sense folks I have met buy into ideas from both of those ideologies. The fact that there is zero evidence of socialism ever being a viable methodology to run a country doesn't matter to elites like Newsome who will not be affected by the policies he and his cohorts demand the public abide by. If you think sitting back and taking the government cheese is a good idea you had better have some squirrel DNA & save up. Gov cheese can't last forever without a thriving economy. Our lenders are going to come calling and won't bail us out again when our currency has no value.

: So a Republican President who said this was a hoax and dragged his feet while Americans, Democrats and Republicans, died is the man you think can lead this country out of this terrible disaster? Come on man, this isnít political, itís about life and death to Americans. A President who has been saying drink Clorox, maybe entering light into your body, saying and I quote ď this is just a flu, it will go away faster than it cameĒ and so on and so. The Governor is trying to save lives, your all about the dollar.

Governors have sole power to shut down or re-open their state. Trump, as a Republican, can't risk his own voting base losing faith in him by violating the main ethos of the GOP - less involved federal government, stronger state governments.

For the record, Trump never told anyone to drink Clorox, but his suggestion to doctors that a cure could be developed from bleach is nearly as stupid. If medicine were that simple, they'd all be out of a job. It would be like telling a geneticist to try splicing humans with tortoises in an effort to increase life span.

Trump was, in his own words, a cheerleader during the crisis. He even timed announcements and conferences near the closing bell of the NYSE to influence the stock market. Of course, his ego forced him to keep talking while the experts were standing barely 6 feet away. But the WHPC often asked very slanted questions in an effort to bait a response, just to get a headline/sound bite.

The Donald's leadership style leaves much to be desired, yet the one early precaution Trump took was criticized as racist by Biden. Would Biden have left travel to/from China open? Italy kept their border open with China, and their death rate per 1M residents is currently 84% higher. Still, I doubt Biden would take a drug designed to suppress the immune system in an effort to prevent sickness. Trump probably wouldn't either, but he would lie about using it to boost sales.

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