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Posted by Coach on May 24, 2020 at 08:24:45:

In Reply to: This isn't totalitarianism... posted by well read on May 16, 2020 at 11:38:46:

: : : : : : Unless your move is totally motivated by COVID 19 concerns , or your son is poor academically, if hes good enough now, why hold him back?

: : : : : Only reason why I think about holding him back is season being cancelled. I do not trust dumb Gavin.

: : : : Odd priorities. First, the governor doesn't choose to cancel the season. You're at the mercy of the school district and the league they play in. If you answered strictly that you didn't want to chance him not playing this year, that would have been fine, but making it political is silly. The illness is real and children are getting sick, to dismiss it completely is irresponsible.

: : : Not political. Just facts. For the kids is using psychology as usual. Kids are good is southern cal. OC, SB, SD and Riverside counties had enough. Mayor Gildo dildo is killing LA. Wake up and exercise your rights. More people die from other things daily than COVID. Dems have wanted Socialism control for sometime now. Be like North Korean, Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela. Wake up!

: THIS is what a "government-mandated quarantine" looks like:


: The "Stay at Home" and "Safer at Home" guidelines are far from a totalitarian lockdown, and apart from restricting gatherings and close contact, life is inching back to normal, even in LA County.

: Small business woes and unemployment are the two main problems with restricting indoor gatherings. But this would happen with or without restrictions, enough people would stay home or change their shopping/dining habits, hurting small business and retail either way. People may choose to go out, but the few that did wouldn't prevent businesses from cutting hours and employees, and the risk wouldn't be worth the reward. Then when the virus rebounded in the fall, it would do so from even more vectors.

: Some don't take the virus seriously because it didn't spread to even 1 percent of the population before shutdowns began to slow the pandemic. Dr. Birx pointed out a tenfold increase in deaths in just the first two weeks after the shutdown. The number of deaths per day stopped increasing three weeks after the majority of states shut down.
Some of the comments here are a joke. This is a worldwide pandemic. Not just the US. Do your part! Stop spreading misinformation based on how you feel. Of course other diseases have killed more people. That does not lessen the blow of the severity of the disease.
1.6m have tested positive for disease and 97,059 have died. You really think that socialism is what democrats want? They dont want to save lives? Your tax dollars already pay for many aspects of American life. Public education, police, military, roads, unemployment insurance. That is socialism!! These are things that can not be provided by the market. You people sound like paranoid boomers. The cold war is over Boris and Natasha!!

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