Not really a shutdown

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Posted by bigger picture on May 17, 2020 at 07:08:01:

In Reply to: Re: Do u even log, bro? posted by Morbidity on May 16, 2020 at 15:22:59:

: : : : : : : : Just saw The gov has extended the stay home order until August 15.
: : : : : : : : Surely will not be logical for a football season but how about basketball.
: : : : : : : : Will schools reopen i n August Sept?If classes are not in session surely no games.
: : : : : : : : I say letís open up and return to normal using good judgement.The media is fueling this pandemic. What are your thoughts folks . Pray for the world.

: : : : : : : :This would be for LA county only and an official extension until August has NOT been issued as of yet. LA Times is reporting this as of 45 minutes ago. Once again, media fueling the fire with statements that aren't complete fact by using misleading headlines and partial information.

: : : : : : I think the issue is, you guys arenít held responsible if someone does get sick or takes the virus back to family members in their homes. The schools and school districts would be held liable and thatís a huge thing to deal with. Thereís too much risk in the liability issues for schools to deal with. Also, we have lost more people to Covid than we lost in the Vietnam War. So even though you think the media may be ďfuelingĒ this pandemic, the numbers still donít lie.

: : : : : :You are correct, the numbers don't lie. If we continue living as we have for the past 2 months, then there will be far more serious problems with the economy, mental health, other medical issues outside of Coronavirus, domestic abuse, substance abuse, suicide.
: : : : : More numbers - according to the CDC, we lose up to 60k lives each year to influenza, more than the Vietnam war on a yearly basis.

: : : : Eight weeks ago, the United States had fewer than 1k deaths from the virus.

: : : : 80k in 8 weeks, even with a partial shutdown.

: : : : Flu seasons run for around 5 months, and even without shutdowns, do not kill as many as this virus has in 8 weeks.

: : : : And this virus is still killing outside of flu season.

: : : :My point is don't compare it to deaths from the Vietnam War. There are many other things that have caused as many deaths as the Vietnam War.

: : Vietnam war lasted for years, this has been weeks, can't even call it months yet. The initial projection was 80k by August, we hit in in May. Everyone is so selfish and equates that with freedom. Your freedom ends the moment that I, or anyone else, can get sick from your selfishness. I don't see anyone arguing that they should be free to just fire their gun into the air. Yes, you may not hit anyone, in fact high likelihood won't, but nobody is arguing for that because it isn't keeping them from doing the things that they want to do. This isn't the flu, that is just a way for simple minded people to categorize something that they cannot or choose not to understand. I'm not going to choose the economy over life, and anyone who does has an awfully morbid way of looking at society.

: :It's actually been 9 weeks = 2 months.
: Your understanding of freedom is illogical because your definition of freedom is flawed. Who are you to say your understanding of freedom is better than anyone else's? Are you some sort of civil liberties god?
: What I understand is that the longer our economy is shut down, then more serious (much more than coronavirus) problems will arise. It's already a proven fact that there are rising health issues both mental and medical since the quarantine. Untreated medical issues, depression, alcohol abuse, substance abuse, domestic abuse, suicide - all will cause more death and damage than the coronavirus in the long run. So, if that is a morbid way of looking at society then so be it as I guess your ideas on death and who should live are so much less selfish than mine. By you choosing "life" over the economy gives no allowance to those losing their lives because the economy is shut down.

What the other poster meant was you don't have the freedom to spread infectious disease, and affect others' lives, liberty, and pursuits of happiness. Full freedom right now is a public health hazard, more so in the long-term. In the short term, people may lose livelihoods a bit sooner than otherwise, but their businesses were already threatened once this virus spread worldwide.

Not sure what you mean by "shutdown", a large portion of the country is open as of this weekend.

If you live in a large city and are actively bucking the lockdown, you are putting many more people at risk than those doing so in a rural area. Life is returning to normal in most rural sections and smaller urban areas, the places with more strict guidelines still have too many infections.

To re-open businesses in hard hit areas, even to the few willing to dine or congregate in public, would help seed a second wave this fall that would overwhelm heath care.

Restaurants and airlines don't break even at half capacity, and its doubtful enough travelers/customers would use their services at a rate that allows the business to profit. Any small benefit to the economy or mental health would be lost tenfold this fall when the virus is most certain to hit even harder, and it would hit even harder without strategic precautions taken this summer.

In short, a limited summer lockdown is preferable to a total shutdown this winter. In the last pandemic, the second wave was the "right hook", after the initial jabs from the first season of infections. And the world wasn't as populated, urbanized, or globalized in 1918. The measures countries are taking are meant to compromise between saving lives and keeping the world economy healthy, thus preserving civil order.

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