Re: Any thoughts on whether or not we will have a 2021 High School Season?

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Posted by FAN on April 19, 2020 at 16:36:42:

In Reply to: Re: Any thoughts on whether or not we will have a 2021 High School Season? posted by silly on April 18, 2020 at 18:08:46:

: : : : : Dr Anthony Fauci - "by NOVEMBER , we would have
: : : : : things under control that we can have a real degree of normality"

: : : : : Washington Post/MSNBC - Brian Williams

: : : : The "little man" is all about self. "I want Brad Pitt to be me as an actor". Get the country back up and running. The scare tactic was a run on hospitals. In So Cal, even the Emergency rooms are EMPTY. Wake up people.

: : : unfortunately - i dont think high school sports will return this year. High School basketball will suffer - all kids who play park league and travel ball and AAU - HS - all of them - will lose out on time - they will lose a year of eligibility (age) - so nobody wins.

: : I disagree with the statement that there will be no high school sports. Coaches and tournament organizers would not be the ones testing people at all. The heat testing would occur prior to coming onto a campus. If you don't pass, you don't enter the premises. Therefor, once a person is on campus, they are cleared to participate and watch games.

: And all the people who have the virus but do not have symptoms would be passing it on to everyone. There is no perfect way for this. Anyone who says the response is overblown doesn't understand how things work. Our hospitals are not overrun because we acted pretty quickly and effectively in California. It is a consequence of what we did, not the result of the virus's actual ability. In 1.5 months we've had more people die than died in 3 years of the Korean War. This is a big deal, people are just choosing to be reactant to it because they have been ingrained that anything which goes against their belief system is wrong.

: I'm a high school head varsity coach. I want the season to happen for my kids and all the other ones who have invested so much of their life, but I'm also adult enough to understand the bigger picture.

Then the spreading of the virus would still occur if students go back to school based on your statement. If it is spread without people knowing they have it, kids should not return to school because of health concerns. There is no way social distancing can be enforced on campus. Therefore, if they are cleared to go back to school, they should deemed healthy enough to play, since it is presumed that everyone there has been determined to be healthy.

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