Did you find Bat Boy in Costa Rica too?

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Posted by your news is fake on April 06, 2020 at 13:16:00:

In Reply to: Re: The VIRUS posted by Observer ll on April 03, 2020 at 01:52:17:

: : : : : : : : : : Mayor Eric Garcetti has just announced the closure of all basketball gyms in the city of Los Angeles to help stem the spread of coronavirus. I had tried to get the word out on this board for parents to perhaps keep their kids (ie, players) from all gym environments and activities in order to keep them safe from contagion. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/MayorOfLA/. Unfortunately, all I got were potshots and ridicule when I posted my warning. Oh well. I was just trying to help. Like I said before, do not gamble with the health of your loved ones. Ok now, everyone stay safe. This thing is no joke. Yours truly, Concerned Parent.

: : : : : : : : : Nice post and don't worry or care what the idiots post against the truth. About half of Americans are idiots.

: : : : : : : : Half? Have you ever been to the South and Midwest? You're numbers are insultingly low. Far more than half the people in this country are idiots in one form or another. LOL.

: : : : : : : Italy jumped to over one thousand deaths in a day. Trump supporters say no big deal.

: : : : : : Wher were you all in 2009 showing your concern for the Swine Flu deaths. Anything to get Trump. What’s next?

: : : : : Sad how the whole world is out to get Trump...Iran is even pretending to dig ditches for mass graves just to mess with "the Donald". Italy locked down their whole country. China built fake hospitals. All a conspiracy just like Alex Jones says!

: : : : : Herp Derp

: : : : Trump has too much common sense the spineless and weak minded can't handle it. Trump is for the people and that is what scares the so called world leaders that have no survival skills.

: : : Have you heard Drumpfs newest line? "People are dying, who haven't died yet" Keep supporting him you Fing dummy!

: : Criticism of Trump for calling it the “Chinese Virus” is only partially warranted. China willfully covered it up initially only to swiftly contain it a month later. Trump under reacted at first, he needed to quarantine all international arrivals for two weeks instead of just banning travel to/from China. But he’s a whore for business.

: : Back to his Chinese Virus comments...though accurate, now may not be the best time to passive-aggressively address conspiracy theories from CCP government officials, international tensions are growing as is. Amazingly one of those officials suggested this virus came from the US Army. Sorry, maybe try not eating everything that moves! Spanish Flu, SARS, and Covid-19 all came from China. China needs more Muslims and Jews, to teach them what is suitable for human consumption.

: Trump is a neophyte. He has screwed this up from the beginning.i read about this very same virus in July of last year, in all places, Costa Rica. But now know dismantled the department that would tracked virus in China. The true is they had no idea that covid-19 was in the states, perhaps as early as October. This president is a complete failure and is embarrassing us throughout the world. Wait for the investigations.

You read about the virus being in Costa Rica last July? If I were you I'd stop looking at whatever website/publication posted that BS. Coronavirus is highly infectious, if it were anywhere unchecked from October to March, the deaths would easily be in the millions, especially in the United States.

China would've severely limited whatever state department was left behind to track the virus, it's likely they wouldn't have been allowed anywhere near Wuhan.

While Trump has bumbled much of the USA response, the truth is that every major Western nation outside of Germany failed as well. France, U.K., Spain, and Italy have a higher death rate than over here. It's harder to lock down people accustomed to freedom, imagine if US soldiers were on video dragging people out of low-income housing in NYC, you'd have civil unrest throughout the country.

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