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Posted by Strange reply on March 16, 2020 at 17:04:43:

In Reply to: Re: The VIRUS posted by Chicken Little on March 16, 2020 at 16:21:18:

: : : Mayor Eric Garcetti has just announced the closure of all basketball gyms in the city of Los Angeles to help stem the spread of coronavirus. I had tried to get the word out on this board for parents to perhaps keep their kids (ie, players) from all gym environments and activities in order to keep them safe from contagion. Here is the link: Unfortunately, all I got were potshots and ridicule when I posted my warning. Oh well. I was just trying to help. Like I said before, do not gamble with the health of your loved ones. Ok now, everyone stay safe. This thing is no joke. Yours truly, Concerned Parent.

: : Nice post and don't worry or care what the idiots post against the truth. About half of Americans are idiots.

: The sky is falling. The media keeps fooling the weak minded. Yes, it is a virus. To date under 7K people have died worldwide. Common flu in USA has killed over 80K. We don't freak out on that now do we! The only thing that will be alarming is IF China is found guilty of bio-chemical into virus........that is the true only concern. Eat animals not intended to be eaten and disease will follow. That is disgusting for sure. Relax until we truly know what this Virus is. China government really sucks!

No, Chicken Little, that is not the only 'true concern' here. Whatever happened in China will be dealt with in time. What is important today going forward is we take care of our home bases and family and friends. You say 'relax until we know what this Virus is'? Even after you say that this could still be a bio-weapon??? Are you for real? I believe this is incredibly badly thought out advice. You literally contradicted yourself. What people have to do now is PREPARE and be SMART and not 'relax' as you so blithely suggest. The time for relaxing is over. Sure, you may be right, Chicken Little, and this could all be a big nothingburger when all is said and done. But what if you're WRONG? Then what? I personally won't take that chance with my loved ones at stake. Stay tuned to the mayor's Facebook account. Stock up on what food items you can. Have vitamins handy. Take them everyday. Must keep your immune systems strong. Always have a full tank of gas in your car never know. And have a positive mindset, for this too shall pass.

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