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Posted by No guidelines on March 03, 2020 at 10:35:04:

In Reply to: Re: Definition of arbitrary... posted by RA on March 03, 2020 at 07:14:17:

: : : : : : They come from way behind to beat Aquinas for the CIF D4 Title, then they get bumped to 14th seed in D1 state while Aquinas is #1 in State D4 now that’s totally unfair

: : : : : With competitive equity teams are moved to the division that best fits its ability. The number of students in the school or the size of the campus has nothing to do with competitive equity. RA was in D4 based on past seasons production. The state is placing teams based on this seasons accomplishments. This is how a D4 team can go up to a higher division. The state CIF is placing them where they belong based on true competitive equity.

: : : : No transparency.

: : : : RA was placed several divisions up without the public or even the coaches knowing how the process works. It was arbitrary. Last year the D4 Central champion was dropped to D5 and absolutely dominated everyone, where was the equity there? The lack of transparency leads people to accuse the committee of playing favorites, or doing favors. What's their process? D1 City Champ Palisades is D4, and D2 City Champ Roosevelt is D5.

: : : Foreign National Team complainer - if teams can be moved up to the open, they most certainly can be moved from D4 to D1 using the same criteria. If your administrators didn’t have to spend so much time getting foreign athletes & transfers eligible, perhaps they would have taken time to understand the options the section has in designating teams for state playoff divisional placement, Go to AND, read the blue book, read the playoff handbooks. Educate yourself
: :
: : Anyone who's watched HS ball the past 5 years knows that movement takes place between CIF and State divisions. The complaint is, there's no guideline anywhere as to what level of success can move a team up or down. Arbitrary means "on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system".

: : The guidelines in the Regional Handbook make Bill Hancock's press conferences/interviews about the College Football Playoff selection process seem informative. The two word explanation from CIF is "competitive equity"...that's the only criteria. At least Hancock releases five sets of rankings before the Selection Show to give us some idea of their thought process.

: : The Southern Section has a point system that gives coaches an idea of what division they will be in the following season. However, teams competing in the State tournament have no idea what their field will look like or what Division they will play in until the brackets come out. At least the SS Open Division has a watch list, and all teams selected to play in it thus far have been from Division 1.

: This is a fair placement, they are a Division 1 level team, even the coach is good with being in Division 1 for State.

That’s fine. Everyone expected Renaissance to move up. But the process is still very opaque and arbitrary. Last year a D4 champion was sent to D5, and no one gave them any challenge. “Competitive Equity” based off of how many opinions?

How do they decide who goes up/down, and how far?

Why does one 4A semifinalist drop to D5 as a 1 seed, and not another 4A semifinalist?

Is the #14 seed in D4 as good or better than the entire Division 5 field? That team lost in the same round and division as the #1 D5 seed. They both lost by a similar margin at home.

There are no guidelines outside of the phrase “competitive equity”. That’s more vacuous than Roger Goodell and his “we will continue to add expertise to our team” quote.

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