Re: Does "5-Out" work well against a Zone Defense?

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Posted by wow g! on February 28, 2020 at 09:10:26:

In Reply to: Re: Does "5-Out" work well against a Zone Defense? posted by g on February 27, 2020 at 09:39:51:

: : : : : : : : Ive heard that 5 out works best against man defense - but ive also heard it can be used against a zone defense. Anyone have an opinion of it/? Thanks

: : : : : : : There isn't really a best or worst. To me it's dependent upon your personnel (as everything should be). 5 out, for me, means I do not have much of an inside presence but I have players I can trust to make proper cuts and reads along with the skill to put the ball where it needs to go. My experience with the offense is limited personally, but I'm familiar with it and have just never had the players that I thought would make that offensive set the best option to go with.

: : : : : : : I personally wouldn't do it unless my base man offense were a 5 out and my goal is to keep the same fundamentals regardless of defensive scheme. 5 out takes a lot of practice and experience to be really good, it isn't as simple as pass and cut, at least at the higher levels. To run a 5 out against zones and a different scheme against man just seems like a lot of time in practice to be used. If I wanted to have cuts through the zone then I'd go with a 4 out with a lot of the same principles, but have my 5 man flashing to the high post behind basket cuts or having the opposite wing flash high with the 5 man is on the ball side. Regardless of alignment, the goal is to get the ball into the zone's gaps.

: : : : : : Many thanks for the suggestions and ideas. We dont have an inside presence - no BIG man - so we thought 5 out might work best

: : : : : Even if you have a semi-skilled wing, you can still run him/her at the high post. Puts a ton of pressure on the zone if they can hit that shot or have decent passing ability.

: : : : A zone is just a soft man to man, screen it allí day long ....short and high post.. the hardest thing about playing a zone is defensive rebounding

: : : Ball movement + player movement beats a zone no matter what set you run

: : Even with no big man presence, beating all zones are accomplished the same way. You must penetrate the zone with either passes or penetration, reverse the ball quickly, overload the zone, and use the short corner. This season, we had no post presence and faced zone 70% of the time. We set a lot of ball screens in our zone offense to get the penetration and force the zone to collapse, and also the short corner to draw the opponents center out of the middle to create a little space. We won 19 games, but one thing about all have to hit outside shots to really be effective. We were not a very good 3 point shooting team and that was what killed us in the half court zone offense. So, none of the things that I mentioned matter at all if you can't hit the wide open 3 pointer. A team can sit in that zone all day and let you shoot, miss, and transition off your miss and it doesn't matter how well you execute the offense. Practice a ton of shooting if you know you will see a lot of zone and do it in the off season. Once the season begins, its too late by then.

: I don't believe that you have to be able to hit outside, but it is of course a benefit. I beat the zone with my bigs, specifically targeting 1v1 post ups with the middle big in the paint off ball reversals. We were able to bust teams out of zones with our inside game this year due to inherent challenges present within any zone offense.

g! you must be the man and good for you, but your comprehension reading skills isn't that good! this coach said "We don't have an inside presence - no BIG man" just saying dude lmao

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