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Posted by OC Hoops on February 22, 2020 at 14:40:49:

In Reply to: Re: Playoff Format: Public/Private posted by ..... on February 22, 2020 at 14:30:17:

: : : : : Given the chance of a private school sweep of the boys CIF-SS playoffs, is it time to separate the public and private schools in basketball at the section level? The better public schools have moved up to the top 3 divisions only to run into small private schools that use club basketball connections & international players to develop their rosters. It is truly a flawed structure, in my opinion. I am not one that believes more is better or everyone should make the playoffs.
: : : : : - The Open Division has done one thing and that is provide the 8 best teams with a terrific championship. This division should be at least 16 teams.
: : : : : - There are simply too many small private schools trying to be Sierra Canyon.
: : : : : - The Trinity and Mission League teams are all Open Division playoff teams, due to their regionally developed roster, international players, and in many situations great coaching with sustained success.
: : : : : - I would propose two 16 team private school divisions and then eight 32 team public school divisions. Teams would be placed into the state regional bracket based on the state tournament criteria, I havenít taken the time to look at the number of private school leagues so it may make sense to have a third division.
: : : : : - keep in mind that the private schools can have their own international student programs while public schools only chance for a true international player is for that student to be randomly placed at their school. Why do the majority, the public schools, allow such favorable conditions for the private schools?

: : : : The best post I have read. I have been saying this for years. Seventeen of the twenty finalists this year are private schools and it is possible for a ten division sweep for private schools. Besides all the advantages stated in the earlier posts, some private schools offer financial aid to players and provide daily transportation to school. The recruiting is so far gone CIF has basically given up. Yes, I know some public schools recruit as well. Many states have separated public and private schools for playoff divisions because of the total advantages private schools have to their disposal- a major one being no residency requirement. I would not implement the plan listed above. CIF could create as many playoff divisions they want as long as they are public and private. There are many small private schools that do not recruit and they should have their own divisions. Why the public schools have allowed this for so long is incredible. Propose this change through the proper channels and vote it in. Many states do this!! It is only fair- It would allow more schools who play by the rules a chance to win fairly a championship. Another thing CIF does that is wrong is they allow recruiting private schools like Santa Clarita Christian, Heritage Christian, Ribet Academy, and others to move slowly up in classification. They should be placed in Division 1 right away.

: : : cant seperate private and public. its a state law. would have to change the law.
: : - care to share a reference to this law? I have never heard this and it is nonsensical, which means it is probable in this state. But seriously, I would like to see the statute that says this is a law. Given the threat of private schools in the past to leave the section if separated, I doubt it is a law.

: As a former private school coach, we had a meeting years back about what we would do if CIF decided on a private only division a lot of private school voices were a part of that discussion. I believe there have been a few of these meetings over the years.

: During my meeting it was basically decided that if CIF did this that we would leave CIF for our own association. Why would we all be placed together then be forced to play by someone else rules.

: These were discussed as possible pieces to the division that I remember. I know there were probably more than I remember.

: 1. No sit transfers into the new division from CIF. Any kid who wants to transfer from a public school to the new private school association would suffer no sit out penalty.

: 2. No penalty for athletically motivated transfers.

: 3. Possibility of offering tuition breaks for athletes

: 4. Pay more for referee's to pull the best refs into doing private games over public.

Former Private School Coach- so, basically private schools feel they are on a level playing field with the public schools and if moved to their own division, then the new private school association would legalize some of the advantages they are already taking? Suspect bone ride change of residence checks already occur, tuition breaks are already given based on need and the balance of tuition is often taken care of by benefactors. Athletically motivated is no longer an issue in CIF.
Personally, I say go and have your own division. Take on the challenge of trundling the overhead of an organization and manage all of the problems that come with it.

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