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Posted by Harry Houdini on February 21, 2020 at 20:43:42:

In Reply to: Re: No Surprise At All posted by Chris Webber on February 21, 2020 at 20:18:46:

: : : : : : : : : : : : LOve the Valley Torah team and their season this far. 25-3 this far moving forward. They have excellent players and excellent coaches. IM hoping they capture the 5A title. Shalom !!!! Great to see coach Eli Essa coaching again!

: : : : : : : : : : : Whoever did the voting did Valley Torah a disservice. They and the #4 team Victor Valley are the best teams in Division 5AA. Unfortunately, Victor Valley would host that game, instead of it being in the Finals where neither team has an advantage. 5AA coaches need to scout better.

: : : : : : : : : : I thought they flip a coin to see where that game would be played? Advantage Victor Valley. That will be a great game if they face one another. Both teams having a great season for sure.

: : : : : : : : : No one under division 2a maybe 3aa does their job of scouting, they play to compete in the bad leagues they are in, figure they can't win cif so they copy and paste maxpreps for their voting with probably moving their own team up a few spots. They have never seen the teams in their divisions and just guess. I assume you can thank hudl because getting film is easy now instead of coaches going out mid year to scout possible playoff opponents and actually seeing the teams play.

: : : : : : : : Hudl is to scouting what Tinder is to dating.

: : : : : : : : As for what the previous poster said, Victor Valley will have played one home game by the semis, Valley Torah will have played two. Any game between the two schools would be in Victorville.

: : : : : : : Well, so much for that showdown game. LOL - Victor Valley Lost last night- so Valley Torah will NOT be playing them. 26-3 for Valley Torah, great season and great coaching. MOre to come.

: : : : : : You are not a Valley Torah fan. You are a fan of one specific person on their bench.

: : : : : : And what is this "LOL" about a team losing? WTF is funny about that?

: : : : : Wow - you are so angry. Why? You know the "LOL" was not directed at anyone. You know what it meant. Since when do you decide who is a fan of a team? Who are YOU to decide who is a fan of what team? Are there guidelines as to what constitutes being a "Fan" of a given team? If so - why dont you share that with everyone. You seem to have a strong opinion on everything. Tell us, what are the guidelines to being a "Fan" of a team.

: : : : Yes indeed, pray tell, what are the rules and guidelines to being a "Fan" of any particular team? If someone says they are a "fan" of a team, is there a "Fan Test" that they must take and pass?

: : : Knew the Oakwood cheerleader was Guarded Opinion all along. Would explain his sudden interest in Valley Torah, and his claim they're having a historic season. VT has already won CIF in the past, and they have been to the State playoffs.

: : : Never heard anything from him when Ryan Turell was going off for the Wolfpack a couple years ago, or when they won 6AA with Aaron Liberman in 2011.

: : : If you truly are a Wolfpack fan, how many games do the 2020 seniors have left?

: : FYI - Ive known all along who YOU are and Why you have so much hate and jealousy in you, Ive known exactly who you are - you havent changed a bit, have you? I guess when you own the site - you can be cynical and sarcastic all you want. You still havnt answered my question? Is there a "Fan test"? Are your questions The Fan test?

: Nope, not Jerry. Try again.

: Since you didn't bother with the Valley Torah question, here's a more fun version of a "fan test":

: During Oakwood's next close game, ask your AD how many extra timeouts the coach gets if there's overtime. Should be fun!

I didnt say you were Jerry Gale did I? I told you - i know who you are - and i know what school you support. LOL - Ive known all season and last. It became obvious to me last year - did some research and lo and behold - there you were. Makes sense to me - your team is awful - it happens - but that doesnt mean you should dislike someone who favors another team. Or teams. In the world of HS Hoops - everyone knows everyone. Since your season was over 2 months ago - i can understand your sadness and disappointment. Cheer up - better days ahead.

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