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Posted by Ok Dad on April 04, 2018 at 16:04:50:

In Reply to: Re: high school transfers posted by Truth hurts on April 04, 2018 at 15:47:09:

: : : : : : : Cassius Stanley & Teren Frank made good choices for them to transfer. I heard that it wasn't a fit socially & it wasn't on the court at HW. They just won State at Sierra Canyon.
: : : : : : : KJ Martin left a sketchy situation at Chaminade & won state.
: : : : : : : But anyone saying that Big O is transferring is nuts. He likes the school. The program is in better hands. There's no mess. He's staying.
: : : : : : : Jonathan Daniels is at Village. Not sure why but I can't see his dad putting him at Village if Village didn't have other transfers coming in. So all of the parents at Village that were complaining is about to watch their kids get bench splinters.
: : : : : : : Word is that SCCS is about to get 2 real players. The only holdup is the weak league play.

: : : : : : : A couple of more Foothill League after thoughts are now called real players. I thought you said that League is weak.

: : : : : This is funny! First of all there is no player in the foothill league that would crack the starting lineup at SCCS. There bringing back 4 starters that just won state and 2 players from out of state if your in the foothill league and your playing you better stay there otherwise you will be carrying water to these guys.

: : : : Where did I say that the transfers that might go there are coming from the Foothill league?
: : : : Btw, the argument that SCCS is bringing back 4 starters that won state is weak. The road to a state championship in the 8AAAAAXA division isn't tough. Do the folks at SCCS really think that they're a top squad? Lol.

: : : The argument of a weak division is a pathetic excuse. It tough in any division to win League, CIF, State Regional and State. Sierra Canyon didn't even sweep losing the CIF championship. They would have won in divisions 2, 3 and 4 with no NBA kids and no financial backing. Just good students that can play basketball. All the whiners with the DIVISION 5 crying and excuses need to get a life. There has never been a basketball state title in the city of Santa Clarita until these kids accomplished it. For the record there will never be another one unless they do it again. Only losers would put down kids who accomplished so much.

: : What does being a kid of an NBA player have to do with anything? That's the dumb argument. And isn't Mike Penberthy's kid on SCCS. Good for SCCS for winning their league. But don't act like there's any kind of competition in their weak league or that they didn't lose to all the schools that were decent outside of it.
: : Btw, you're all ready to start piling on Sierra Canyon kids but we played good competition, they kids earned it and there's no overhype. SCCS has the Starr brothers who bounced around trying to take over programs so they went to a coach who's bff's with their dad. Your freshman guard is 20 and came out with videos of him dribbling on tanks. We all know that he's an average high school player at best. And your school was hyping up your transfers from San Diego as being high major D1 players before the season but didn't one just commit to NAIA Masters College.

: NBA has a lot to do with it! It's called $$$ best Trainner's, best gear, best camps and on and on. If you don't think it's an advantage to having daddy in the NBA you don't know much. There's kids I'll leave nameless playing in college right now because NBA dads made a call. Don't be blind to the obvious. As far as the Starr's bouncing around as you put it I wouldn't know but what I do know is they escaped Village and there dad is the coach at Masters 2 miles from where they go to school. As for choosing Masters to go to school good for him he plays the game he probably loves and spends the time doing it with his dad. As for the kid on the tank I don't know much about him but I do know he's 16 and on maxpreps was 2nd in scoring behind Starr. I followed the SCCS team most of the season and saw the tank kid on the cover of the news paper 6 or 7 times and just about everytime I read it he was the leading scorer. I can't imagine how good he may be when he's the age you say he is. Haha wow who would have thought tank kid, tank boy, wonder kid, hold back, double holdback would win 25 games go 12-0 in league 10-0 in the playoffs winning a league title, CIF title, regional State title and a State Finals title. The craziest part of it all is super boy will go down as the cities most accomplished athlete.

You sure know a lot about the kid to “not to know much about him”

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