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Posted by Yes and No on March 23, 2018 at 08:15:35:

In Reply to: Re: High School Coaching Jobs posted by real school on March 22, 2018 at 22:42:56:

: : : : : : Is there a list of Public League Schools who won their league or a list of the coaches of the year from each league? I'm moving into Orange County by the 91 Freeway. Any good coaches I can send my boy to?

: : : : : : I was told the Freeway, Orange, Empire, and North Hills are 91 freeway leagues...

: : : : : : Any opinions? I don't have money for private school.

: : : : : Cypress High School had a really good year.

: : : :
: : : : Pick the best academic school you can.

: : : : Grades are more important - they open up doors (basketball or otherwise) more than basketball.

: : : : Hopefully, the team/coach at that school is decent. But if you are worried about college recruiting - that is all coming from picking the right travel team.

: : : : Good luck!
: : : :::right school, right travel team yap, yap, yap. That is the problem - there isn't a "right school" or a "right travel team" and parents like these posters waste countless time and money searching for it. Work hard in school and on the court - if your kid can truly play - they will find him. Always have, always will.

: :
: : First of all, you should always pick the best academic school you can. Grades are the most important thing. You can get as much or more scholarship money with academic aid. Also, the percentages show only 5% of kids play at the next level (any level), so good grades serve you best in the end.

: : As for travel ball, you do need to be on the "right team" - unless you are truly elite. But if you are truly elite, the top travel teams will bring you on. Again, most kids aren't. So playing 5 minutes on some shoe team isn't going to get it done. Or playing 40 minutes on the local team that no one watches and that is run by a guy who doesn't know any college coaches doesn't work either. You need to find a good team, that plays in good tourneys, gets in upper divisions, and get a lot of playing time. And you need a coach who does some work for you. Yes, the athlete needs to do recruiting work too, but a well-respected coach calling to the college recruiter carries more weight than a random kid they have never heard of.

: :::: you are making my point for me. T Everyone's kid is "killin it" in travel ball BECAUSE - if they cant cut it an elite team, they go to a good team, and if they cant cut it there, they go to a lower tier team and so on and so on until they find a team their kid can get burn on. And that is the right team for them. But thats not a "good team, that plays in good tourneys, gets in upper divisions, and gets alot of playing time, with a coach that works for him" as you suggested above. What you just prescribed is for elite, college bound players, which is not the average kid playing travel ball. You are prescribing a pipe dream most and again... crazy dads will waste countless time and money searching for it

I think we are trying to make the same point.

If the goal is to play in college - at any level - pick the best high school for academics you can. Get good grades, get good test scores. Hopefully the basketball team/coach is decent and provides a good experience.

Chase your college dream through travel/club. Because, yes, if you have to keep moving "down" on the club circuit, that is a pretty good indicator of your college future. The truly ELITE players are playing on an EYBL team (for the most part) or maybe some other shoe team. But if you can't get playing time there, you should be looking at D2/D3/NAIA anyway. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Again, good grades and solid education are more important to your future than a winning high school basketball team.

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