Basketball Training and how it can ruin your wallet and your love!

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Posted by Who What Why on February 13, 2018 at 06:29:07:

Its been sometime but I was trying to remember when did basketball become golf? I remember when I was coming up as a basketball player the only kids that had trainers where Golf and Tennis athletes. Now in the modern era every sport has become specialized, commercialized and monetized. Dont get me wrong I dont think there is anything wrong with training with a quality trainer. The issue is what the hell is a quality trainer any mean in our current state? It seems like all you have to do is state " I am a trainer and your in, or stand up and be counted.

The other issue I have is that there is so much commercialization and monetization on youth sports that its disheartening knowing that the dollar is the driving force. Yes we all have to make money but does it have to be at any cost? Watching many of the modern trainers (there are some good ones , old school and new alike) but the ones that are getting top billing are all gimmicky, they constantly use toys or are trying to push some BS product on you.

If your kid loves basketball by all means find a trainer to fine tweak or build appropriate behavior (shooting mechanics, ball handling etc.) Stay and watch the trainer interact with your kid, video the session so the kid can practice at home on their own, ask questions , maximize your dollar and your time at each session by leaving the gym knowing you can work on what you just spent your time an money on. If you trainer doesn't push the belief that your kid gets better with out him (on his own) then find a new trainer. If your trainer is only talking with your kid in person for the time you pay, find a new trainer. If your trainer doesn't watch film on your athlete , find a new trainer. If your trainer brings out toys and your kid cant pivot or shot the ball with good form, find a new trainer. if you trainer teaches step backs and euros and your kid cant make a left handed lay up, find a new trainer! Truth is if you are lucky you will only get 1 to 2 hours in front of a really good trainer a week as they are most likely in high demand. Which in essence means your athlete is only able to spend less than 1 percent of the weeks time in front of a trainer. the other 99 percent is where true personal development begins!

There are great people out there who happen to be great trainers , but too often the deciding factor for many of us is optics or the belief is that, if he/she worked for that really good kid then he must work for mine kid too right? There are also a ton of terrible people out there who are terrible trainers for you and your family. Some are easy to catch and others are difficult. Be wary of the Wolf in sheep clothing. Or buying into the fear of missing out, Trainers and programs alike will use buzz words or phrase like, "Almost Sold out" "Don't Miss Out" "1 spot left" "Once in a lifetime opportunity" FEAR mongering, its a marketing tactic as old as time, hell turn on the news every day and you cant escape Fear!

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