Re: Price may not have known they needed to file paperwork

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Posted by truth on February 13, 2018 at 06:13:50:

In Reply to: Re: Price may not have known they needed to file paperwork posted by Fact Check on February 12, 2018 at 11:30:44:

: : : : : : : : : : Why is San Gabriel Academy an at large team (3AA) when they won their league 8-0 (automatic qualifier)? Did they have to forfit games?

: : : : : : : : : That is weird...Did they petition to be removed from the Harbor League before season but not tell anyone?

: : : : : : : : : Maybe they applied as an at-large to save their potential home game until Saturday night? That would be one hell of a loophole...technically the league decides who to send to playoffs and is not actually bound to use the standings, I've just never seen it in action unless said league holds a postseason tournament.

: : : : : : : : Price and Renaissance left out of 3A

: : : : : : : How did Price not make and fulfilled the winning record?

: : : : : : Price wasn't ranked in 3A, and only four at-large spots were available. Three of the teams taken were ranked.

: : : : : : But Price should've been selected over Glendora, so my guess would be Price was blindsided by the apparent disbanding of the Harbor League. The Harbor League is conspicuously absent from the Final League Standings released today. San Gabriel Academy, the supposed League Champ, is listed as a Freelance school. I believe the AD had to file freelance paperwork along with the at-large form if I'm not mistaken, so even if they filed for an at-large, it wouldn't be enough.

: : : : : All the teams in that league were made aware that the league would not be official until the following season. So given that all paperwork was filed correctly what other reason could they not make it?

: : : : : It's called coaches committee... smh

: : : : Is it possible their prospective league membership led them to think they no longer needed to file an at-large AND a separate freelance petition before the season?

: : : : Just can't imagine a seasoned AD not filing the at-large paperwork, although Price is not accustomed to being a freelance team. Price was clearly a better team than Glendora, so much so the selection committee would not have made such an oversight. Unless the CIF just took the school who would sell the most tickets, wouldn't surprise me at all.

: : : There is no "paperwork" involved in freelance or at-large. It's literally clicking a box where you put in all your scores/rosters online through the CIF portal. Literally, click this box if you want to apply for at-large.

: : This was such an injustice ,Glendora is ranked #30 and an overall record of 12-15 with a losing record in league.

: You are just making things up now, Glendora is ranked #22 and Price is 14, Glendora has a record of 15-11 and 5-5 in League. Price was 15-10 and 5-2 in league. Price may have been better but not as drastic as you make it seem.

But here's the problem. If the Harbor League was never recognized as a league, then there is no such thing as their 5-2 league record. So unless they clicked the box for at-large on the portal, they aren't up for consideration. There is no conspiracy about ticket sales. Someone messed up and didn't do their due diligence- OR they did and CIF chose someone else. It happens.

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