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Posted by Foothill parent on February 09, 2018 at 11:25:15:

In Reply to: Re: Valley teams - hits and misses so far posted by Foothill Follower on February 09, 2018 at 10:51:50:

: : : : : : : : Valley Teams:
: : : : : : : : Achievers - Crespi, Oak Park, Harvard Westlake,
: : : : : : : : Overachievers - Van Nuys, Calabasas, Taft, Newbury Park (first half of season)
: : : : : : : : Underachievers - Sierra Canyon, Oaks Christian, Alemany, Birmingham, Westlake, Newbury Park (second half of season)

: : : : : : : My opinion:
: : : : : : : Achievers: Crespi, Brandon Williams is spectacular; Oak Park; HW; Sierra Canyon, if anyone expected more from them doesn't know basketball. They're not underachieving either.

: : : : : : : Overachievers: (How do you put NewPark in there for the 1st half? Lol.)
: : : : : : : Van Nuys; Calabasas, Coach Palarz is doing a great job there. Calabasas is a better fit for him as a coach and he's doing a fantastic job. Chaminade, yes Nade. Great record? No. But they play much, much better than anyone expected.

: : : : : : : Underachievers: Alemany, always. Santa Clarita Chr, underachieving and disappointment. Look at their schedule. They've lost big to every decent team that they've played. Their league is the least challenging in SoCal, yet they brag on each league win. An average team that's too arrogant to fix their flaws. Taft, yes Taft. Clark is the best pg in California. But watching them play and there's some players who believe that they're the best player on the team and trying to prove it by going outside of themselves and the team. Expect a collapse in the playoffs.

: : : : : : You forgot HERITAGE CHRISTIAN.

: : : : : Heritage? haha. They lost a ton of seniors and their PG. 3 starters out hurt most of the season. They are exactly were they should be...a below .500 team. May be better next year but probably more like 2 years.

: : : : Nobody expected much from Heritage. JC's over achievers is accurate. I think that Chino Hills over achieved. Most of us knew that they'd be better in a system revoked around the team's actual best players. But they've been very good.
: : : : Let's be real. St Francis is very bad & Loyola is bad. They've been bad for awhile. What about Crossroads as an underachiever?

: : : What about Valencia as an underachiever? I know I'm gonna hear a bunch of smack from the SCV haters but really Valencia did not live up to their potential this season. They had good size and a group of solid HIGH SCHOOL (I'm not claiming D1 D2 or even D3 level) players. What happened???

: : There's no such thing as "SCV haters." Ya'll get mad when people tell ya'll the truth do you call it hate. Nobody thought that Valencia was good. You're right, they don't have any college players there. "Tall" doesn't equal "good." Valencia wasn't a good HS team. Nobody thought that they'd be top 2 in they're area. Valencia is right where they were expected to be if anyone expected anything.

: -------------------
: Current Foothill League Standings
: Hart & Saugus 7-2
: Valencia 6-3
: WR 4-5
: GV 3-6
: Canyon 0-9

: Hart - has been competitive in every league game. they did lose in the game vs Valencia, but just not in the record books. they play saugus tonight for 1st place.

: Saugus - has been the surprise team this year. Lost by 11 to Valencia and 4 to GV. Only real change is got rid of Bedgood and soph sensation is really developing around their 2 solid seniors.

: Valencia - really should be 7-2 going into tonights Canyon thrashing with either an outright league win or tie for 1st with Saugus, but all it takes is 1 Ref to call a technical foul on the crowd during a timeout with 3 seconds left! Yep, that's basically what happened. I do agree Valencia has underachieved with Bedgood and it shows as some games they are not competitive at all and they have such a deep roster but yet no direction or strategy in their game plans.

: West Ranch - speaking of underachieving, they are the top of that list. has galuppo improved at all during the last 2 years? i don't think so. he would have been better off being a young high schooler and going off to college at 17 vs 19. Take a look at 1 of the solid saugus seniors, kid is young for a senior and won't even turn 18 until he's in college. Yes, coaching change hurt them as all they run on offense is galuppo or austin playing dribble dribble one on one from the top. If only they had some plays where they screen for each other, now that would put the defense on their heels.

: GV - I'm actually impressed they took Valencia to overtime and beat Saugus. Pat yourself on the back Coach Keys

: Canyon - well another perfect season in the making! hey only lost by 7 vs GV on the road is their highlight. every other game they get smacked down. time to move to division 6.

In regards to Valencia-regardless of the "technical foul" if Dexter hits BOTH free throws Valencia wins. He had a chance after he missed to make the outback and missed. 2 chances to win after the technical. Then went to OT and lost Had their opportunity and did not capitalize on it. Simple.

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