Re: Josh Hart is better than Alonzo Ball

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Posted by Lakers Fan on February 07, 2018 at 23:59:23:

In Reply to: Re: Josh Hart is better than Alonzo Ball posted by Sapient on February 07, 2018 at 13:21:00:

: : : : : : : : : Hart is better. Way better shooter , better rebounder yes ,way better defender. Sick of Balls game . NCAA champion at Villanova was Hart.

: : : : : : : No more drama, no more watching that disgusting shot, no more bad body language, and hello wins!
: : : : : : : Jason Hart..solid,takes care of ball. 14 points 11 rebs. No ego, no drama, team guy, 4 years of college, smart/intelligent kid. Him and Clarkson run show. Lakers did it with Fisher. Not a phenomenol talent, but he was a team guy with great players around him. Trade Lonzo and get wing guys around Hart and Clarkson. A real TEAM.

: : : : : : Can you imagine if they trade Lonzo for a good wing? Improve the team. Jimmy Butler, Bradely Beal,or someone like that. A scorer for Lonzo. Hart can just be a 6'6 Derek Fisher-like. Solid defender, run team, reboudnd, knock down a few shots, take care of ball. Better team.
: : : : : : I HATE his aloof attitude, and terrible body language. It's all about me. You really think he did not inherit 1 gene from his myopic,self-centered dad? Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

: : : : :
: : : : : If he's so awful, why don't we just ask for the whole Warriors team for him? Throw in some D-Leaguers and maybe the Bucks send us Greek Freak.

: : : : : Your thread sucks. Mods please delete

: : : : Wow,how informative and insighful. "Your thread sucks dude. Delete it dude."

: : : You are bashing Lonzo, saying he sucks, then turn around and suggest to trade him for a superstar. Please explain the logic.

: : : And you said Hart runs the team, despite Brandon Ingram running point in the starting lineup and Clarkson doing so off the bench. Hart is off ball, he may guard the pg but he is not the pg. This thread is a black eye for sapient Lakers fans everywhere.

: : Bottom line is Clarkson, Ingraham, and Clarkson on the court together any can be the "point". As far as bashing Lonzo and wanting a superstar..There are plenty out there (GM's) that don't agree with me and WILL trade a superstar. Sucker born every minute as they say. I'm not stupid enough to believe that they'd do it straight up, Lakers would have to give up maybe Randle and Nance or a pick. But so be it..Lonzo gone equals chemistry better, dad gone, drama gone, ugly shot gone, no defense gone. You can another Lonzo Ball in the draft or via free agency. You seriously think he's that special and irreplacable? Nobody..and I mean NOBODY..on that Lakers team is irreplaceable. Kuzma about the closest thing. Bright future. A good passing, bad shooting, non-defending point guard are a dime a dozen(and come without daddies).

: Sorry typo..Ingraham, Clarkson, and Hart. I put Clarkson twice.

Dribbling the ball up the floor doesn't count as running point. Hart doesn't initiate plays, watch more film. Ingram, Clarkson, Randle, and even Caruso create more than Hart.

Rookies generally do not get traded during their rookie year, even putting one on the block mid-season would signal a red flag to the league. There aren't many GMs dumb enough to take what the Lakers would offer for a superstar. Any GMs dumb enough have already traded their superstars.

I WOULD trade Zo for the right deal in theory, but the Lakers just don't have the assets right now. Randle has little trade value because he is entering restricted free agency, and GMs around the league are figuring the Lakers will want to chase big names rather than match any offer sheet for Julius. No extension has been negotiated and the Lakers have yet to extend a qualifying offer.

Throw in a pick you say? The earliest pick the Lakers could send right now is the 2020 1st rounder. That's too far ahead and possibly not a lottery pick. The Lakers cannot trade their 2019 pick until draft day in 2019 per the Stepien rule. The 2018 pick belongs to Philly or Boston depending on where it lands. The Lakers have the Nuggets' second round pick in this year's draft.

People are waayyyy too hung up on his daddy. ESPN barely invites him on the air anymore and the Lakers as an organization do not care at all what he says. Lavar Ball is not a respected basketball mind. He is a trainer and promoter and he is very good at that.

The Lakers will be just fine when Lonzo returns.

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