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Posted by Pilot Fan on February 01, 2018 at 07:49:14:

In Reply to: Re: Edison beats Newport last night posted by coach is responsible on January 31, 2018 at 23:14:22:

: : : : : : : : : : : : Edison took big lead in the Sunset League by beating Newport last night. Should be in top ten by next week . Wake up Fryer !

: : : : : : : : : : Instead of calling out Fryer why don't you take this week's top ten and identify the teams that Edison should be ahead of and why. This year, there is no one in the Sunset League that is worthy of top ten consideration so you get know credit for beating those teams. So, which of Edison's non-league wins put them in the top ten. Wake up Edison Fan!

: : : : : : : : : : Edison is 19-5, 7-0 in league, beat Aliso Niguel.
: : : : : : : : : Should be in Top Ten

: : : : : : : : I watched them play in December and Edison was not good. Too many turnovers and not synchronized on offense. Phillips is good at disrupting drives to the basket but would really like to have seen him developed on the offensive end. However, biggest knock against them is that th but hey have not been tested because they did not play any quality teams in the preseason.

: : : : : : : Big men don't play a part in the coaches offensive plan. A waste of talent.

: : : : : : : Edison big men are used perfectly this year. They can shot block and clean up the offensive boards. That's all that's needed to win the Sunset League this tear !

: : : : : I feel bad for Phillips. He is totally used incorrectly and is given zero incentive to work or play hard for the team. You could use him so much better and keep him involved and engaged. But, to ask a kid to just play D and rebound and never to dribble or shoot is ridiculous. Newport Harbor would be league champs if Phillips was still there, so that kid is critical to the success and I'm not sure he gets the pats on the back for it because they do little to give him touches on offense. It's too bad the system at Edison is not built to teach kids how to develop and play basketball and make reads. It is an outdated and over coached style of basketball. Newport Coaching staff teaches the game better and the style they play is much better. The ball moves and everyone gets touches and there is motion and movement which keeps kids involved. Will there be mistakes, sure these are HS kids. But those newport kids are learning how to play basketball and make reads and make plays. It's not the robotic system where kids just do this on this play.
: : : : : To address previous post. It is good enough to win the league. Well that's great, because your going to need a lot more to win games in the playoffs. They have zero potential of ever playing above their capabilities because there is no upside. They run the same stuff for the same kid etc. Yes, they are going to have that consistent win over a team they should beat, but they are not going to step up and beat somebody they shouldn't. Newport is much more capable of playing at a higher level and beat a team they shouldn't, the flip side they could also have a bad game and lose to a team they shouldn't, but its not at the expense of player development. Great Edison won league games, but kids didn't develop as well rounded players, that is not good. Until they win the the CIF title the system is flawed. Sad is that with the PG and that big they could play much more faster with better tempo that would help phillips. But the system is designed for a big not to touch the ball or shoot, as well as other players. That is not developing anything and it is a waste of potential and talent.
: : : : : The potential they could have offensively with an athletic phillips and an athletic quick guard is endless, but the coach staff is too stubborn to adapt his system to fit his talent. Run the same old stuff year after year. Zero upside. But congrats at winning league and getting bounced in the playoffs by round two at the latest.
: : : : : Besides the Sunset is bad this year, there are 3-4 other leagues in OC that Edison would not win the championship.

: : : : He transferred from Newport to go to Edison. Wake up

: : : Go back to sleep. The kid is miserable. Doesn’t even play hard. Not maximizing him. Shame! He regrets the move. He just wants to finish up and move on. Seems like PG feels similar.

: : : I feel bad for him too ! He has no ballhandling skills, even though his travel ball coaches think he is a wing player. He turns the ball over almost every time he dribbles it up the floor. He can't even make an outlet pass to his pg who is really good. He is a rebounder and shot blocker because that is all he can do. He has NO post game because he thinks he should play on the perimeter. Don't blame coaches for his poor work ethic, he brought that from Newport. Don't blame Newport coaches for his poor work ethic either, which is why they were glad to see him go. I also feel bad for him because he will get his ass kicked by the likes of Gonzaga, St. Mary's, BYU, and the entire WCC.

: Coach ignores 20 percent of his offensive power. Has for years. Treats his players like robots.

: Where do you coach ? Maybe Edison should hire you on their staff. Is the 20 percent your referring to the big kids free throw percentage, field goal percentage, or both ?

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