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Posted by truth on January 27, 2018 at 14:44:36:

In Reply to: Re: CIF posted by history on January 27, 2018 at 12:44:28:

: : : : : Someone brought this topic up or maybe want's
: : : : : to know more about the St.John Bosco situation and if their team will be eligible because they are
: : : : : going to have to forfeit boocoo games and be
: : : : : under .500 for the season?
: : : : :

: : : : CIF has lost it's collective mind. It is obvious some leagues are much more dominate than others.

: : : The .500 rule was around until about 2006 in the form of an 11-win rule that was adopted after the 1998 season.

: : : I know a playoff team from this timeframe who lost their final league game seemingly on purpose, eliminating one of their playoff rivals on the last day of league. Six team league, and the loss ensured a team from another division occupied the third and final "AQ" berth.

: : : Both league games between the rivals had been dogfights, the second being a near "malice in the palace" what coach in their right mind would try to win a meaningless game and help a top 10 team (in their playoff division) they had faced twice already?

: : : This is why I favor as many teams in the playoffs as possible, at least from a fan's standpoint.

: : Damn man. You are still holding on to something that long ago. Keep using this forum for your therapy. The couch is not working. Have you taken your RX meds today?

: It's a legit thing for the committee to look at, the top teams in a league can play god if there's a potential playoff opponent struggling to make it in their league. FWIW, I was part of the team who may not have done everything to win on that long forgotten night.

: Unrelated but still relevant to why we need at-larges: Think Rialto went 20-6 in '99 and ended up finishing in a 3-way tie for second, only to lose a series of coin flips and be left out of the playoffs.

If everyone is honest, in MOST leagues only 1-2 teams have a real shot at winning it. That leave 4-5 teams hoping to finish 3rd. In a league situation where you have coaches who know what each other is going to do and having to play each other twice in 2-3 weeks, anything can happen. But going back to it, most everyone is on the outside of the "playing for a league title" goal. It would be nice, and you talk it up and prepare as if you have a shot, but the reality is that most don't have that legit shot. Look in most gyms and count league titles. Many many schools go 10-20+ years between winning league at various stages of their existence.
Then you have CIF titles which in 98% of the cases are few and far between. Not everyone is MD and is so dominant they only put up CIF and State banners- so much so that losing in the Finals is a disappointment. For the vast majority of teams, the goal realistically is to win enough to get into the dance, hope for a decent draw and score a W in 1st game and enjoy the ride from there. That's not an "everyone gets a trophy moment" because there is no trophy. Those seasons end in heartbreak for whoever comes up short- and hopefully some great memories for young men to take with them out the door. To judge every team on the "if you don't win it all, you failed" scale is foolish and short-sighted. What is the purpose of playing varsity basketball? Get a scholly? OK, for 0.5% of the kids who play. Win a CIF ring? OK, in the Southern Section that's 12 teams out of 580-ish- or 2% of the teams out there. Win a league title? Teams who don't accomplish these things but make the playoffs don't sit around thinking they're big time. So the idea that If you don't accomplish those things you're a loser is just stupid. Back to the question of "what's the purpose of playing varsity basketball?" For most, the purpose SHOULD be to develop young men into the leaders of the future- to teach them how to act appropriately, be a moral human, give your best and when you're out of gas give more, trust others and be trustworthy, work at your craft to perfect it, be on-time and stay late if you want to succeed... all these things take you into your adult life. CIF and League titles are great and everyone should work hard for a chance at them, but those things fade whereas work ethic doesn't. Maybe that's idealistic and old fashioned, but I'll take that over calling everyone a loser on the 568 or so teams that don't win a CIF ring this year.

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