Re: Nothing happened to Los Alamitos High School Basketball

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Posted by Nate on January 09, 2018 at 09:46:29:

In Reply to: Nothing happened to Los Alamitos High School Basketball posted by Captain Obvious on January 08, 2018 at 16:59:02:

: : The Head Coach complains,cussing at refs,and gets technicals all the time!

: All the time? Must not leave much time for coaching after technical #2
: __________________________________

: :Heard he was kicked out if the last game? So they had some young Coaches who coached the Fountain Valley games?

: Oh.
: _________________________________
: :Fountain Valley fired thier Coach and Los Alamitos hired him?

: Yes....and what's your question?
: _________________________________

: :Los Alamitos is 20 points better then Fountain Valley and heard they almost lost?

: But Los Al didn't lose, did they? Almost....This isn't horeshoes or hand grenades, it's basketball, so "almost" doesn't count. A win is a win.

: ________________________________

: :They have players on the team who have college dads so they play and should be on lower level teams!

: Darn those college dads.

: _______________________________

: :They charge parents alot of money and the ones who pay get to play!

: Really. So what else is new? Same as it ever was and will be everywhere.

: _______________________________

: :Does the Athletic Director care about the Basketball Program?

: No he doesn't care. There, are you satisfied now?

: _______________________________

: :Who would hire young Coaches who have no experience?

: Evidently the Athletic Director....oh, but he doesn't care. Right.

: _______________________________

: :This program use to win playoff games and get to CIF finals,now it's got a division 1 center and is losing?

: Well, even good teams that will win playoff games and make it to CIF finals can lose a game now and then.
: ______________________________

: Any more questions? No? Good.

How many teams have a Division 1 player in High School? This summer people said they were at top 5 Team in Orange County! What is their Record?

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