Nothing happened to Los Alamitos High School Basketball

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Posted by Captain Obvious on January 08, 2018 at 16:59:02:

In Reply to: What ever happened to Los Alamitos High School Basketball? posted by Don on January 08, 2018 at 16:35:56:

: The Head Coach complains,cussing at refs,and gets technicals all the time!

All the time? Must not leave much time for coaching after technical #2

:Heard he was kicked out if the last game? So they had some young Coaches who coached the Fountain Valley games?

:Fountain Valley fired thier Coach and Los Alamitos hired him?

Yes....and what's your question?

:Los Alamitos is 20 points better then Fountain Valley and heard they almost lost?

But Los Al didn't lose, did they? Almost....This isn't horeshoes or hand grenades, it's basketball, so "almost" doesn't count. A win is a win.


:They have players on the team who have college dads so they play and should be on lower level teams!

Darn those college dads.


:They charge parents alot of money and the ones who pay get to play!

Really. So what else is new? Same as it ever was and will be everywhere.


:Does the Athletic Director care about the Basketball Program?

No he doesn't care. There, are you satisfied now?


:Who would hire young Coaches who have no experience?

Evidently the Athletic Director....oh, but he doesn't care. Right.


:This program use to win playoff games and get to CIF finals,now it's got a division 1 center and is losing?

Well, even good teams that will win playoff games and make it to CIF finals can lose a game now and then.

Any more questions? No? Good.

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