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Posted by screwy brian tuohy on January 05, 2018 at 08:55:43:

In Reply to: Re: Lonzo Haters posted by reality 2u on January 05, 2018 at 08:08:27:

: : : : : : I agree that the comments regarding trade leaks regarding Randall and Clarkson raising chemistry issues but those leaks are going to happen. The biggest recent chemistry issues revolve around having a young locker room and the lack of true veteran leadership. Thew fact is that the Laker's signing of KP3 was a big mistake and has hurt the locker room. While the Laker's certainly needed some veteran leadership. KP3 simply is a very poor leader and example to the young guys on the team. In fact, he has been a major disappointment as a veteran and in the clubhouse. His failure to perform community service lead to his probation being violated and him serving time in jail during the season. This guy certainly has not shown up recently and his jail situation is a major issue. The question is did the Laker's drop the ball in their character assessment of KP3. They clearly did and certainly Detroit's refusal to resign KP3 should have been a warning sign. The reality is that the Lakers are better off without KP3 as a starter because he has no future as a Laker.

: : : : : Calling Lonzo overrated is stupid. He's averaging 10pts, 7rbs & 7ast as a rookie & the Lakers are struggling on both ends of the floor without him. If you can't separate stupid Lavar from Lonzo being a player then say that first.

: : : : 100% with Snazzy. Just to set you Laker haters straight, Detroit offered KCP 5 years/80 million, only pulling the offer after he refused to sign for anything less than 21 million, per agent Rich Paul. The Lakers partially signed KCP to develop a relationship with said agent, and needed a defender to pair with the rookie Ball.

: : : : Caster, better board up that glass house before you throw rocks. Doc's been accused of playing Daddy Ball by many longtime former players. This is also the same Doc who ditched on his last job, wanting no part of a Boston rebuild, and who now is months away from his Center opting out.

: : : : Ingram and the Lakers suffer without their only true point guard. As for Randle being traded, GMs on the league can see what the Lakers are doing with cap space and that Randle isn't part of the long-term vision right now. Unless Rob renounces Randle's rights, that's a $12.3 million hold against the salary cap. The Lakers would obviously want to get something back but teams are waiting on the 80% chance his rights are renounced. Writing is on the wall for Clarkson, he's actually on a decent moveable contract. Any FO that wouldn't explore moving those two during a rebuild isn't doing its job.

: : : : But the Deng situation is ugly. The Lakers are paying him to sit at home and do nothing, he knows he's out of the rotation and doesn't even go to practice. Seems there are no strong cultural influences in the Lakers org, which may help them attract LeBron, oddly enough.

: : : There's no way that Lebron goes to the Lakers. Stop being crazy. Remember when Laker fans thought that Lebron and Carmelo was going there?
: : : Lebron is playing great but he's 33. He knows that the end is not too far off and he probably wants 6 rings. He's not getting them in LA.

: : LeBron by himself? No, but the plan is to lure two superstars in 2018 or maybe three in 2019. If they were only trying to get LeBron, there was no need to trade Russell with Mozgov, but Rob/Magic knew a guy like LeBron would want to bring friends.

: : Not too many destinations out there for LeBron anyway. How would he and Simmons play together in Philly? Redick would be moving on anyway, and Fultz needs the ball in his hands. Houston has been mentioned, but CP3 would have to go to make the salaries work. Without any clear destination, and with Cleveland unlikely to re-sign IT, the Lakers have a chance. Anyone who says LeBron wouldn't go to a losing team is forgetting he joined a bad Cleveland team and had them up 2-1 on Golden State a year later.

: : We know LeBron wants to leave, and there aren't many teams with cap space who would be attractive to LeBron other than the Bulls, Lakers, or Sixers. Orlando, Indiana, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Sacramento, Phoenix, Dallas all have cap space but I would put the Lakers above all of those. Would the Sixers trade Fultz or Simmons to make way for LeBron and Paul George? That's the one team that Lakers fans should worry about. At least Philly would keep Boston down.

: Pro sports are all scripted entertainment. For any of you to think what happens on or off the court is real, you're dumber than anyone has given you credit for in your zombie past. Lebron is a company man...he'll go anywhere the league will tell him to go to for their interest...the NBA (Not Basketbell Anymore) needs the Lakers good again, and what better way to get the Celtic/Laker rivalry going again with Kyrie (former team mate) playing in Boston?

Thank you, Coach Alex Jones!

LeBron knows what is good for his brand and would always put that first. Saying he is acting on the league's whim is silly. Do you even realize how many people would need to be "in on it" for pro sports to be rigged?

BTW the guy who wrote the book on how pro sports is rigged originally had several factual errors on his first page that were so obvious, even casual sports fans could spot them. Shows how much he cares about sports.

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