Yet another "showcase": The Westchester Challenge 1/6/18

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Posted by Parent on January 01, 2018 at 18:14:35:

In Reply to: Too many "showcase" events....Also the Real Run Challenge 1/6/18 posted by Parent on January 01, 2018 at 18:09:44:

: : : 5th Annual Take Flight Challenge Schedule
: : : Cerritos College
: : : Jan 5-6, 2018

: : Yet another perversion of high school basketball.

: : First, these "showcase" events take games off the campus of every school involved. That, in and of itself, is just wrong. High school basketball games should be played during the regular season on the campus of the host school so that parents, students, faculty and the local community have a reasonable opportunity to see their school's athletes compete against a visiting team.

: : Second, on the issue of price, there is just so much to criticize here: Initially, almost every high school game which takes place on the local campus of a host school does not involve any admission charge at all. But these "showcase" events always involve an admission fee. Here the admission for students is $10 per session, but that also masks the fact that for many of these schools the cost to travel to the event is going to be costly, contributes to yet more traffic on the freeways, wastes gas, puts wear and tear on vehicles, and discourages students (some of whom don't own vehicles or don't yet drive) from attending at all.

: : But some wise-guy will respond, "Oh, not so, because many schools will bring boosters and fans in busses" but again, at what cost to the schools attending? Bus rentals, insurance, time delays, traffic, and the general inconvenience of traveling to a remote location just to see their own team compete in what should be a home game held on their own campus.

: : The flyer doesn't mention parking fees, but if past experience is any guide (and if recent events like the Damien Classic are an indiciation), there will also be a parking fee charged. Another $5-10 no doubt.

: : And if you're not a student or a senior, and just want to see a single team you're interested in, the charge is $15, plus the costs to get there, parking, etc.

: : Every one of these game could have been scheduled to take place on the court of the "home" team, but by removing the games to remote locations, the impact on the school community is a huge negative.

: : Really, what is the point of these events? To make it easy on college coaches or "scouts" to see players in a single location. Not a valid concern and it turns the purpose of high school athletics on its head.

: : Ninety-nine percent of the players at these games will not wind up playing college basketball. The numbers alone will simply dictate such an outcome, no matter how many games you pack into a single gym location on a single day (or as here, two days).

: : The only thing these events are good for is (a) scouts, making it easy for them to see more players in a single location, and (b) the organizers of the event, who stand to make a nice, tidy profit from charging $50 a pop for "courtside" seats.

: : Really shameful. The CIF has nothing to gain from these events (unlike the playoffs, they get none of the revenue generated) and it's about time they finally recognized the value of keeping teams on their home campus for games other than tournaments or playoffs. I realize the CIF will never grow a conscience but it's time for a re-evaluatin of whether member schools should be allowed to participate in these sorts of single-game "showcase" events at all during the regular season.

: There are actually far more "showcase" events all scheduled for next weekend. Here's another one, the Real Run Challenge at Lynwood HS:

: Real Run Winter Classic (Lynwood HS 1/6/18)

: Narbonne (Harbor City) vs. Coronado (Henderson, Nev.), 7:30 pm
: Camarillo vs. Birmingham (Van Nuys), 6 pm
: El Camino (Oceanside) vs. J.W. North (Riverside), 4:30 pm
: La Salle (Pasadena) vs. Lynwood, 3 pm
: Cathedral Catholic (San Diego) vs. Washington Prep (Los Angeles), 1:30 pm
: Orange Vista (Perris) vs. Carnegie School (Riverside), 12 pm
: Cleveland (Reseda) vs. Buckley School (Sherman Oaks), 10:30 am
: Jordan (Los Angeles) vs. Ambassador (Torrance), 9 pm

Westchester Challenge (Westchester HS 1/6/18)

Bishop Montgomery (Torrance) vs. Oak Park, 8 pm
Westchester (Los Angeles) vs. Villa Park, 6:30 pm
Rolling Hills Prep (San Pedro) vs. Redondo Union (Redondo Beach), 5 pm
Gahr (Cerritos) vs. Hesperia, 3:30 pm
Foothill (Henderson, Nev.) vs. Bakersfield, 2 pm
Highland (Palmdale) vs. North Torrance, 12:30 pm

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