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Posted by truth on December 27, 2017 at 14:02:54:

In Reply to: Re: Fountain Valley posted by Truth serum on December 27, 2017 at 11:57:47:

: : : : : : : : : : : : : Fountain Valley has already played in two tournaments. How are they scheduled to
: : : : : : : : : : : : : play in the Century Tournament and The Damien Classic this week ? CIF violation ?

: : : : : : : : : : : : : Confirmed in two tournaments this week. AD new about this and did nothing. Should have to forfeit games for scheduling over the allowable number of contests. New coach knew he was in Century Tournament and still entered a fourth tournament. FV Basketball is still a joke.

: : : : : : : : : : : Just curious. How were they planning on playing in 2 tournaments during the same week anyway? Playing a double header every day and hoping there was no time conflicts? Sounds insane.

: : : : : : : : : : rumor is they may send JV kids. total joke. totally unprofessional. but that's what you get when admin starts drooling all over yourself when a club guy with a relatively known name applies for your job. may know ball. may have contacts to get talent. But no clue on how to handle the nuts and bolts of day-to-day operations- hence scheduling a 4th tournament and having 2 on the same week.

: : : : : : : : : : Principal and AD know nothing about running an athletic department. As said earlier, whether or not they send JV team to Century, they should have to forfeit games. Truth said it best when stating club coaches have no clue how to run a high school basketball program.

: : : : : : : : It's not even so much backing out of one tournament and entering another, it's getting phone calls and emails for months ahead of time and refusing the professional courtesy of returning the call or email. It's an AD not holding the new coach accountable for the schedule that was put in place before he got there, especially when/if there is a signed contract. When you take over a program in summer and the schedule for next season is already made- if you want to make changes, you do that right away. Otherwise, you play the schedule and then make a different schedule for the following year. Is the Century Holiday Classic "beneath" Fountain Valley? Well, they're not a better program than Newport Harbor, Valencia, or El Modena and they're on par with Westminster, Brea, Segerstrom and Fullerton.. is Damien a more high-profile tournament? Sure, but let's not get FV confused with an elite program.

: : : : : : : And by the way.. according to the OCVarsity schedule (not nearly what it used to be), Fountain Valley is playing at 5:30p at Bonita against La Canada and also at 7:30pm at Century v. Brea Olinda.. what a mess

: : : : : : Welcome to the future of high school basketball with AAU guys leading programs. The Cali Rebel program has emerged on the scene the last couple of years and now have head coaches at Foothill, Westminster, and Saddleback. The guy at Fountain Valley comes out of the Compton Magic program. Both AAU programs are considered to be on the better side of the "grassroots" basketball business. However, running a high school program is a whole other deal. Ultimately the athletic director is responsible to make sure his new coach is scheduling correctly and should not be signing contracts for conflicting events. Nor should an event be scheduling a team without a contract for that event or game. This is unprofessional on the part of Fountain Valley and possibly the events they are entering.

: : : : : Well it seems like we have some little girls butt hurt. Whomever started this thread isnít very knowledgeable. As far as the contract goes. The former coach withheld all contracts. He also wouldnít release contracts until last minute. So the former coach received all emails and didnít share. He also stole money from the program. Letís see you a guy steals from kids and fountain valley is supposed to worry about a tourney. Again get your facts straight. The new coach has nothing to do with old contracts that isnít aware of. So donít try to bash a program that has been in shambles for some years now. Just wait till fountain valley gets the kinks out. Just be lucky they didnít take the multiple of transfers they could have taken.

: : : : : Funny how you guys talk about a coach you donít know or even met. Youíve never talked to the new coach at all. Sounds like again bitterness and hiding behind a keyboard and then telling a freshmen about this post sounds oh so grown up of you. Check your facts before you guys go spreading gossip like teenage girls. If you have a problem with the new coach feel free to visit the school and go talk to him. Iím positive he wonít have a problem speaking with you.

: : : : Hereís some fun facts for you. New coach has been coaching high. Played for Compton Magicís first team. Coached at king and Olu and won back to back titles. Younger brother was all American at Lb jordan high and he now coaches for brokkkyn nets. The funny thing is that theyíre well respected and have always been stand up guys. But of course none of you would know that because you dot bother getting together know anything before you guys run your mouths. Again just wait on the turnaround.

: : : If fountain valley such a joke then why are these particular programs so upset about them not playing in it. Sounds like somebody is nervous. Just my thoughts.

: : : Canít wait for all the transfers. Sounds like AAU basketball.
: : AD knew about contract with Century because he signed it and should have copies of all contracts that he signs. Very unprofessional.

: Not even close to AAU, except the fact that kids will always want to play for a coach who actually cares about the kids outside of their talents and that is what is needed in todayís high school sports. Itís not unprofessional when you the former coach withholds contracts. It hurt the kids. That is unprofessional to withhold contracts which hurts the kids. People are so quick to blame AAU. Sounds like itís a change at fountain valley thatís been needed. So many people are being misguided, kids are being sent to bad trainers, coaching staffs, etc. The bar is being raised at fountain valley from what I have seen and some donít want to rise up. Canít run from challenges. Until all facts and questions are answered itís very hard to go accusing anyone of anything. Question , has the coach showed any unprofessionalism towards anyone? Has anyone talked to him?

All true.. but fact is, they sent a JV team to Century. So Brea wins last night, and it can't even claim that W when it comes to win totals to get into CIF playoffs because non-varsity W's don't count. Then another team will beat that JV team today and it doesn't count, and so on. Then Century looks bad because they have a JV team in their field. Teams from better leagues come to that event, but in the future have to consider if they want to risk potentially being matched with a JV team.
Fact- there is a signed contract and attempts were made, not to reach the former coach- no one thinks he's still coaching there- but to reach the AD as well as the new staff.
Yes, raise the bar. But actions have consequences- in this case the consequences hurt the 4 schools that will beat that JV team this week and Century who could face a little tougher time getting better teams to go to their touenament in the future..
BTW, the AD and the principal sign CIF contracts, not head coaches. The AD's office would've had a copy of all contracts because they're the ones who signed them. I call BS on a former head coach "withholding contracts" so the new head coach didn't know what had been committed to.

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