Re: Classic @ Damian: Some team lost by 43

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Posted by Justin Credible on December 27, 2017 at 00:11:12:

In Reply to: Re: Classic @ Damian: Some team lost by 43 posted by Caster Troy on December 26, 2017 at 22:29:29:

: : : : : : : A few marquee match ups on day 1

: : : : : : $10 or $12 for admission and $5 parking if you go to the games at Damien. I wanted to go check out some of the games but I'm not gonna let Leduc rip me off like that.

: : : : : Wow. That's ridiculous to go see a high school game. I get it for CIF Finals, but a mid-season Christmas tournament? It's one thing for a guy dropping $15 just out to go see a couple games while the wife thinks he's out returning unwanted Christmas gifts.. but what about mom and dad and little brother going out to see their kid play? That's $35/day (3 admissions plus parking) and the team plays 4 times. So they've made it where that family of 3 is going to drop $140. Students showing up to see their buddies play? Not going to happen. That's not right.

: : : : Gotta make some money for all the work being done. Plus it keeps some of the Jerks out of the Stands. People pay that much to see a movie or even more to go out to dinner. Can't do much for under $12 anymore.

: : : We addressed this earlier but the admin keeps deleting...
: : : It's taxing on families. Families shouldn't be stressed in there wallets just to see their kids play.

: Why doesn't Frank Burlison, Ronnie Flores, or any of these other reporters report on the price gouging that is going on? And I don't want to hear "well the refs have to get paid" because I'm sure each team forked over $300 or $400 each just to enter the tourney. And to make it even worse, Damien kids are loaded so this is just another example of the rich get richer.

They invite the "media" who attracts the teams and parents. Most of the "media" is biased but the teams go and the parents want to see their kids, so it's easy to price gouge them. It's a crooked cycle. It felt better spending my money at St Bernard and Culver City where I knew that it was going toward those kids.

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