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Posted by Valley Coach on December 17, 2017 at 10:19:25:

In Reply to: Re: SCC beats Oaks Chr debate posted by Truth on December 17, 2017 at 00:44:14:

: : : : : : Jack Pollon & Justin Credible is debating the SCC win over Oaks Chr. Jack says that it's an upset because SCC is a 5AAA school. Justin says that's not an upset because Oaks isn't a hoops school & SCC has better talent who transferred in. Size of school doesn't matter.
: : : : : : What do you guys think? Upset or was SCC supposed to win?

: : : : : Jack is trying to upplay SCC. They should've blown OC out of the water. Why aren't they playing a tougher svhedule before their weak league games?

: : : : hahah this is hilarious... �why aren�t they playing a tougher schedule before their weak league games?�
: : : : 1. they�ve played 3 of the top 10 teams in southeren california
: : : : etwianda, centennial, sierra canyon, and they also played a good foothills christian team...
: : : : 2. they did blow oaks christian out...the garbage time made the game look closer
: : : : 3. yes SCC was probably supposed to win but they did it handily and easily with no contest proving their worth
: : : : 4. justin credible will go against jack pollon no matter what jack says...if jack said 2+2=4 justin credible would say he�s wrong hahaha

: : : (4) makes no sense. You're agreeing with JC and then saying that he's just being contrarian.
: : : I usually just read this stuff for giggles. But JC has been right more than wrong and Jack Pollon appears to be wrong often.
: : : Lets get something straight! Who cares who's right or wrong between JC or Jack. That guy JC is a complete moron. He obviously lives a very sad and lonely life. The fact that other peoples kids are so important and time consuming to him should make you wonder. The guy needs to look in the mirror and see what a loser he must be and focus on himself and his family. JC get help!

: Both are right. OC is not very good. Does SCC beat OC when Max was there and they were good? Not even close. JC is right that all resources went to football and other sports. SCC talent is, let's just say interesting. School they came from, ages, etc. Good win but not a surprise? How many people were in the stand for that game? Didn't look like the olden days for Oaks. Finals? Jack really likes SCC and players, that's extremely obvious. Also think that game meant more to SCC than OC.

It's obvious that the posts against JC is from Jack. I agree with the above post. JC is accurate about SCC but their "talent" isn't interesting. It's all daddy ball. The freshman who they're praising is a double or even triple holdback. All the players there are there because of their Master College relationship. They talk about their nonleague schedule but they lost to Mission Bay, lost to Etiwanda, got blasted by Centennial & got smacked by Foothills Christian.
Jack Pollon is friends with them & trying to make it look SCC look better than what they are. Are they a top team in Santa Clarita. Yes. But it's not hard to be that.

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