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Posted by Common Sense on December 07, 2017 at 09:39:32:

In Reply to: Re: Lavar has lost his mind posted by truth on December 07, 2017 at 04:35:43:

: : : : : : : : That's the problem, he is not very consistant,
: : : : : : : : all the good ones have off games but not 3 or 4
: : : : : : : : in a row.

: : : : : : : Even when the 'good ones' have an off night they still don't go 0 for 4 like Lonzo did last night.

: : : : : : : Also Lavar really should stop pulling his boys from school, games, etc whenever things don't go his way. Rarely does everything go perfect in life but quitting in the face of every challenge isn't the answer. Obviously Lavar wasn't going to allow it but 4 years at UCLA likely would've been a great thing for Gelo.

: : : : : : Going back to Gelo's freshman year Lavar pick up his jacks (Balls-Zo and Gelo) and went home because Gelo didnt start or play as much as Lavar thought he should. They missed s couple games, explored transferring across town where that head coach, who has a spine, told him to kick rocks. Of course, as we all know, CHHS head coach at the time and the admin caved and Lavar took over. Bad referee? Take your team off the court. Don't like the coach's philosophy? Remove Melo from school. Your son gets punished for stealing and suspended from the team? Remove him from UCLA. It goes on and on. The next shoe to drop is when the Lakers excommunicate Lavar... oh wait, they instituted a new Lavar Ball Rule so no interviews after games in the family section or near the players tunnel at home games. Big bully buffoon

: : : : :
: : : : : Sitting back, eating my popcorn and just enjoying the show! It's literally a train wreck. I've been saying it for years that Lavar is ruining it for his boys because his thirst for the spot light is insatiable. I just simply don't understand why Zo and Gelo as MEN just don't stand up to pops and tell him to stop embarrassing them as MEN. Also, how you gonna try to sell basketball shoes when 66% of your athletes don't even play organized or important basketball? AND the 1 athlete you do have in the league is not living up to the unrealistic standards you bestowed on him? Lavar needs to take a good, hard, long look in the mirror.

: : : : Come on, you know he looks long and hard in the mirror every day, and enjoys every bit of what he sees.

: : : As I've said before This is the Crash&Burn show. I hope Lavar makes mucho dinero and saved it, because his 15 min. of fame is flaming out soon!

: : Lavar does make outrageous statements. That is his deal. My question to all that question Lavar about parenting or his style.........IF I asked your child about YOU, what would they say speaking 100% truth? Probably you suck at best.

: What do you expect them to say in the camera with him sitting right there next to them? You think 'Gelo is going to say, "well, my dad has always bailed me out of every scrape I've ever been in, he's never let any coach discipline me, he's never let a teacher mark me a "0" when I didn't turn in the HW on-time. He's never bullied anyone in public or private. I haven't accomplished anything, yet I drive a Ferrari and have developed a sense of entitlement. He embarrassed my HS team last year with what he did to our coach. I love my dad, but he's kind of spoiled me and my brothers a bit.."? Yeah, probably not going to say that.. and probably not old enough to understand those lessons yet.
: BUT.. Lonzo is learning a hard lesson about all this in the league. Will he come on camera and critizize? Nope.. of course not. I'll give LaVar this- at least his boys know how to keep it in-house..
: But, yeah- he does cook breakfast everyday.

:The best thing to wake up Lavar about his antics is to SEND LONZO to another team. On the east coast who is not very good(ATL, BROOK, ETC). It would be an excellent WARNING TO PARENTS OF ATHLETES.

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