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Posted by truth on December 05, 2017 at 20:30:39:

In Reply to: Re: If they steal Iím going to join in posted by Dreville on December 05, 2017 at 19:16:13:

: : Wow Gelo didnít just throw his teammates under the bus!!! He said on the Today show that they stole first so he decided to join in. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. That is three strikes against him in my book.

: : 1) steals and goes to jail in China
: : 2) quits attending UCLA An excellent school of higher learning
: : 3) Gůes on national morning show and tells the whole world that his friends did it first, in the process making himself appear even worse for following along.

: : He also reminds of Rocky with his speech. He is a little slow, almost like he is punch drunk. Not hating but actually think he may need some help.

: Dude, that's hating. LiAngelo is a shy kid thrown into the spotlight. Imagine dealing with Lavar, his mother's illness etc? Give him a break.

He referred to himself as a "kid." How many 19-year olds want people to think of them as "kids." Most dudes start wanting to be treated like a "man" at like 11 years old.
This is a classic case of horrible parenting. I know, I know.. he makes breakfast every day. He apparently took care of his sick wife. He trains the kids in the neighborhood.
He also has sabotaged his kids' development. You don't undermine the HS coach. You don't yank your kid out of school when the coach says your kid can't shoot it every time down the court. You don't yank your team off the court when the ref calls something you disagree with. You don't march down to the school and take your ADULT son out of college after your ADULT son gets in trouble and causes a minor international incident and is being rightfully punished. You don't steal the spotlight from your kids. You don't go on TV and criticize the coach and teammates of the one son who has actually accomplished something by getting to the NBA. You don't do those things and still be a "good father." Sorry

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