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Posted by trump kool aid on November 22, 2017 at 06:19:11:

In Reply to: Re: Lavar has lost his mind posted by Agree in part and disagree in part on November 21, 2017 at 16:09:27:

: : : Lavar is on CNN and hes has really snapped and lost his mind!

: : He's just screwing with Chris Cuomo. Actually it's hilarious, and you can see Lavar smirking, smiling and grinning like the manipulator he is. Free air time to plug BBB.

: : On the other hand, it's kind of sad. Not so much what he's saying, but that he's so transparently trying to channel the late, great Muhammed Ali, but unlike Ali, there's very little substance to what he's saying or doing.

: : Lastly, the whole idea that he needs to thank Trump is kind of preposterous. So he didn't say "thank you" to the Donald. So what? His boy did, and isn't that what really matters, if one is going to get upset about perceived slights?

: : Trump on the other hand, as Congressman Adam Schiff observed, makes himself into such a little man when occupying such a big office. I mean, really. Tweeting about Lavar Ball not saying "Thank you?" Really?

: I agree that the office of the presidency of the United States of America should not be popping off at the mouth or Twitter about inconsequential matters like Lavar Ball and the three shoplifting UCLA basketball players among so many other subjects, people and topics. He also shouldn't be asking for apologies either. He should have either done what he did or not. Funny thing is, Obama, based upon his track record, would have left those three there to serve their 3-10 years like he did to the Marine in Mexico and Otto in North Korea. By the way, Adam Shiff can lick my hairy balls. He is a tool.

Trump is allowing an American to rot in a Chinese prison for getting into a barfight. Holding a high profile American w/o transparent evidence was never an option for China, who stood to lose millions in tourism over $1000 sunglasses. Trump likely had nothing to do with it, but is able to use this to galvanize his supporters and give them another talking point. At least the Great Divider Donald is helping to lead this nation to its logical conclusion, we are going to be the next Yugoslavia.

Trump or even Truman wouldn't be able to negotiate for Warmbier's release, unless our military evacuated all forces from Japan and S Korea and agreed to lift sanctions, while allowing the nuclear program to continue (basically a US surrender).

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