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Posted by bust this on November 19, 2017 at 23:50:09:

In Reply to: Re: Is Lonzo Ball A Bust posted by Dr. Fill on November 18, 2017 at 08:58:30:

: : : : : : : : The Laker core are learning to defend and win w/o Lonzo Ball . If Coach Walton, doesn't mix things up the Lakers risk guys freezing Ball out and/or not deferring to Ball as the lead guard which will lead to Lonzo Ball losing even more confidence.

: : : : : : : : The reality is that Ball must get stronger - much stronger - before he can effectively defend and/or get to the basket and score . One of his biggest problems is that he does not have go to and finish moves - right or left inside out dribble move with off hand inside lay-up finish, floaters and even left and right hand hook shots. It's going to take time - a lot of time - but the quickest way for Ball to improve is through strength development and learning how to get to the whole and finish. As to his 3pt shot, it's simply a matter of confidence which will continue to be a problem if the Lakers and coach Walton don't shake up the rotation and find a way to put Ball on the floor with guys that will follow his lead such as Nance (injured) Jason Hart (sent Down) because Clarkson, Kizman, Tandall, CP3 realize they play better as a unit w/o Ball mainly because of Ball's lack of defense and agggression . Ball must realize agression is not standing outside and repeatedly shooting and missing 3pts shots. Aggression is playing inspired, scrapping for loose balls, stripping the ball on low post defensive help, getting back and taking charges and learning to attack the basket and take a hit with your body and get your shot off.
: : : : : : : : Whew, I think you all can see why I rated Foxx as the number 1 pg prospect and stated that the Lakers would be making a big mistake if they didn't draft Foxx instead of Ball. So where do the Lakers go from here. See the above Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka.

: : : : : : : Ball was catered all his life. If dumb dad was good, he would of corrected and developed Zo's flawed shooting form. What a joke. Magic bought they hype and Lakers, at least so far, bought a bill of goods.

: : : : : : : IF you watched his teams play at Chino, the team and indivdual defense was not very fundamentally solid. UCLA, too. That is why they played a lot of 1-2-2 zone with Lonzo at the top. He will never be a great individual "STOP" defender. Lonzo will have to learn how to be a team defender. That will take time. Also, he is very fortunate to play with a group of players who PLAY THEIR A--ES OFF. As a result Lonzo can float and glide like he always has in his playing career before. But, in the NBA, the WEAK LINK will be IDENTIFIED and EXPLOITED.

: : : : : : Much work will need to be done. He is only 20 and there is time. The youngest brother should see what is happening and take warning(The is time to correct his defensive flaws, too).

: : : : : For Zo to be a number two pick and not come in polished, is all on his dad. Right now he is a poor man's Rondo, except he struggles to finish at the rim. To not have an array of finishing moves is on daddy ball. The shot needs to be changed now.

: : : : He hesitates before EVERY open three after stepping into open threes w/o hesitation at UCLA. On open shots, it is mental.

: : : : As for Fox being the right pick, if we were really going for that type of guard, DSJ in Dallas is the "hindsight" pick. Fox is even worse than Lonzo on threes, and the Lakers can't space the floor with Brook shooting like his twin w/o the better defense.

: : : : Lonzo does play good team defense, but seems he'd be better off bulking up a bit and guarding wings. Couldn't even stay in front of TJ McConnell last night, and Ben froze him with a simple inside-out move for a dunk. Aaron Holiday and Alford helped as secondary playmakers at UCLA, and Ball benefited from the reversals to him. The Lakers don't have anybody like that to pair with him aside from Clarkson, who doesn't pass well and forms a disastrous defensive backcourt with Lonzo.

: : : This leads back to a 1-2-2 zone. Lonzo will never be a STOPPER. Also, the caliber of competition in the NBA is a little higher than that of the PAC-12. It is going to take time. It is a good EARLY WARNING for the youngest of the BALL family (Except he no longer play HS Ball). The youngest may be more like a BRANDON JENNINGS type, except Brandon plays better defense

: : All this talk about "it's going to take time.. he's only 20.. etc" points out huge flaws- can't shoot, not strong, not quick, average athletically, uninterested defensively.. but it's all self-inflicted by Daddy. You tell the HS coach not to coach him. You tell Alford not to coach him. You don't let anyone train him but yourself. You build the hype machine that he's the "chosen one" and how you "spoke it into existence".. then the kid isn't ready, the Lakers used the #2 pick on him and everyone needs to be patient because it'll "take time?" It's ridiculous that a kid comes out, gets huge money and it's a 3year project pick. Waste of money, waste of time. Don't take the bait on one and dones like him..

: On top of all of physical flaws, the biggest one is now MENTAL. You can look into Lonzo's eyes and see lack of confidence. He may be out of the league in 3 years!

Who would you have drafted ahead of him, considering Markkanen (sp?) and Tatum play at positions the Lakers are deep at with young, cheap talent?

Fox and Dennis Smith Jr. aren't shooting many 3s and may never be high-volume shooters from deep. Once the Lakers get some better ball movement and reversals, Zo's open threes should start falling. Off-the-dribble scoring from beyond 12 feet may never be part of his game with his mechanics, but he could offset that with a stepback for when defenders cut off his drive.

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