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Posted by Pretty much covered it! on November 19, 2017 at 21:03:20:

In Reply to: Re: Pay to Play (Calabasas High School) posted by truth on November 19, 2017 at 19:59:41:

: : My wife was speaking to a fellow parent and she had told my wife about being charged $2500 for the season for her son to play basketball. My questions:

: : 1) are public schools allowed to charge that kind of money to play?
: : 2) does anyone else do this?
: : 3) if there are 4 teams with 15 kids , 60*2500 = 150k where does that go?

: : I am only asking because we have a child in middle school and want to see what we have in store.

: : Thank you

: They really can't make anyone pay anything. ACLU lawsuit took care of that.
: Where's the money go? Depends. If the school gives $0 to the basketball program, then a good chunk of it is operational. For instance, they may only give 1 stipend to the head coach and they may say that you have to raise the money for the rest of the staff. Most district stipends are $3-4000. Depending how many are on staff will be a factor. I'd imagine at a place like Calabasas, you'd have 2-3 coaches per level and have 3-4 levels.. so around 12 coaches x $3000 = $36000. If athletics doesn't cover transportation or officials or entry fees, you figure $450/tournament (3 each x 4 levels), $73/ref per varsity game (x2) and $65/ref for lower levels (x2) for however many home games. Transportation will run $500-1000 per trip depending on distance and time. So the FR "B" team goes to a 4-game tournament, it costs $2000-4000 for the week to get a bus for the week and they do it 3 times/season.. I'm assuming Calabasas doesn't keep same uniforms for more than 1 season, so you can figure $100/set per kid for uniforms ($200/kid minimum). They probably hire a strength coach (or two). They probably spend $2000 on first aide (tape is $100 box for example). If the head coach is good/has a name, he probably has it OK'd to take an additional amount aside from his $3500 district stipend. They'll have a photographer and a video guy. They'll pay for their Fall and Spring leagues as well. The varsity will probably travel at Christmas, so you'll have 4-5 nights of hotels for coaches (3-4 coaches on varsity) and if they charge the varsity for the trip, it's probably a discounted amount due to amount "donated" to the program. Not sure if spirit pack/shoes is part of the $2500, but that's probably a piece of it (figure on $300/kid at least).
: At any rate, it doesn't add up to $150K, but no one is getting rich.

$2500 for year round basketball ain't bad! Cost of winning

Fall-Winter-Spring-Summer (75 games at least...100 practices a year) coaches working all year round... Spirit pack (shoes, shirts, practice uniform, sweatsuits)

You'll appreciate the programs who care enough to go year round. Impossible to be relevant if they do not...

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