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Posted by truth on November 19, 2017 at 19:59:41:

In Reply to: Pay to Play (Calabasas High School) posted by Concerned Parent on November 19, 2017 at 17:33:19:

: My wife was speaking to a fellow parent and she had told my wife about being charged $2500 for the season for her son to play basketball. My questions:

: 1) are public schools allowed to charge that kind of money to play?
: 2) does anyone else do this?
: 3) if there are 4 teams with 15 kids , 60*2500 = 150k where does that go?

: I am only asking because we have a child in middle school and want to see what we have in store.

: Thank you

They really can't make anyone pay anything. ACLU lawsuit took care of that.
Where's the money go? Depends. If the school gives $0 to the basketball program, then a good chunk of it is operational. For instance, they may only give 1 stipend to the head coach and they may say that you have to raise the money for the rest of the staff. Most district stipends are $3-4000. Depending how many are on staff will be a factor. I'd imagine at a place like Calabasas, you'd have 2-3 coaches per level and have 3-4 levels.. so around 12 coaches x $3000 = $36000. If athletics doesn't cover transportation or officials or entry fees, you figure $450/tournament (3 each x 4 levels), $73/ref per varsity game (x2) and $65/ref for lower levels (x2) for however many home games. Transportation will run $500-1000 per trip depending on distance and time. So the FR "B" team goes to a 4-game tournament, it costs $2000-4000 for the week to get a bus for the week and they do it 3 times/season.. I'm assuming Calabasas doesn't keep same uniforms for more than 1 season, so you can figure $100/set per kid for uniforms ($200/kid minimum). They probably hire a strength coach (or two). They probably spend $2000 on first aide (tape is $100 box for example). If the head coach is good/has a name, he probably has it OK'd to take an additional amount aside from his $3500 district stipend. They'll have a photographer and a video guy. They'll pay for their Fall and Spring leagues as well. The varsity will probably travel at Christmas, so you'll have 4-5 nights of hotels for coaches (3-4 coaches on varsity) and if they charge the varsity for the trip, it's probably a discounted amount due to amount "donated" to the program. Not sure if spirit pack/shoes is part of the $2500, but that's probably a piece of it (figure on $300/kid at least).
At any rate, it doesn't add up to $150K, but no one is getting rich.

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